Friday, May 31, 2013

Quick Note

Day off today, lots of cleaning and running around - vet appointment for Earl too.  Its going to be a very hot day today - 91 and sunny - so getting my stuff done early.

I wanted to share that I picked up another dead cat this morning off Central.  The poor thing was still warm.  People around there just don't seem to care that they've taken a life, and they just go on their way.  I knew something was in the road as my car approached, and sure enough there she was.  I also saw a large truck just behind me, and cars behind that.  It is a narrow road so cars cannot pass.  I  wasn't going to let cars run over it over and over again, so I stopped in the road, got out quickly, put my hand up to the drivers behind me and grabbed a towel, and got the poor thing off the road.  After moving my car, getting back out to gently wrap her in an old towel, I drove her and disposed of her humanely.  My point of telling you this is please, never go past a dead animal that is in clear contact to be run over again and again.  Please do the right thing, always carry a towel, and at least remove it and place its body under something, in a safe place.  Maybe I sound crazy to most of you, but this poor animal's carcass deserves some common compassion after its innocent soul has left this earth and gone to heaven.


  1. Where do you take them? The downtown shelter?

  2. I do the same thing, with cats, anyway.