Thursday, May 30, 2013

TGIT - Thank God Its Thursday!


Its a Friday for me at work.  I have a vacation day tomorrow.  Even though I shouldn't, because there is always a ton of work that I need to do, but I also need a day off.  I didn't plan it so well, I thought this was actually the holiday weekend and I would get four days off, but Memorial Day came a week early!  I have plenty to do though, it just never ends.  I have a vet appointment for Earl.  Earl has been spraying away and I just don't know what to do.  He is bullied by most of the other cats, so I don't blame him - I have a few 'time out' rooms for some others to go in so that he can walk around without being 100% scared all the time, and he has plenty of time in his own room with the door closed, but its not working.  I wish we could just have surgery to remove whatever gland it is that produces it, but I will look into anti-anxiety drugs for now.  He actually needs a home with no other kitties.  He is still available for adoption.

Sharon, a friend, sent me a link to a website that spotlights rescues, and I took a few paragraphs from it, because it mirrors my beliefs, and I needed a break today from writing.  I took lots of pictures this morning too, so I will leave those with you also - they are just some of the kitties I see every day out there that wait for me for their daily dose of food - just click on the picture to make it larger and look for the kitty in it - sort of a Where's Waldo?

"I am continuously astounded as to the depths of depravity that people in our so-called civilized society will sink. Defenseless, innocent kittens (and puppies) dumped and abandoned in parking lots and fields. I have heard reports of cats/kittens tossed from car windows, incidents of horrific torture (cat covered in glue) and animals sealed up inside plastic bins and tossed in the garbage. We ourselves received a call from the local police. A mama cat had been suffocated inside a plastic bag. In another bag were the cat’s still alive newborn kittens. Unfortunately these kittens did not make it. Victims of yet another stupid, cruel and dare I say, sociopathic owner. Truly I ask, what sort of demented mind can justify this kind of behavior? This is not the sort of actions that a decent, normal person would do.

I realize that these stories are disturbing, but we must address these heinous actions if we are to make any headway in getting through to the people who think this is morally acceptable behavior. How a person treats other living creatures is a very telling testament of that person’s true character. Roll this little tidbit around in your head: virtually every serial killer started out by killing animals.

If everyone would attempt to convince even one person to spay or neuter their pet, it would go a long way towards solving the problem of too many unwanted animals. Hundreds of animals are euthanized monthly because there are simply no homes for them. With the low-cost options available now, there is really no excuse to allow your pet to breed. If you can’t be bothered to spay or neuter your pet, then I beg you to reconsider whether or not you really should have a pet at all. Become part of the solution, do not become part of the problem.  Our greatest wish is that someday we will be put out of business. We can dream, can’t we?"



  1. Hi Janine,
    Poor Earl; hopefully the vets has some ideas. Enjoy your Friday off sweetie. You certainly deserve it. I took Mon-Wed. off this week, so I'm buried. Love ya, Nancy C.

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