Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Harold... The End!

(Smiley Face) Now this is a true story of patience and perseverance...  Here is an update on Harold, the kitty that a family adopted from me, that I had just rescued the previous morning from the streets of Rochester, Central Park to be exact.  An adult cat was not what they had come for, but they opened their hearts to this boy that would have a harder time being adopted, due to his age, which is only two or three years old, everyone wants the kittens!  Harold had not been on his best behavior for them and there were many doubts and many desires to return him, but they persevered.  Please read my past posts about this.  Here is the latest of what his new mom says:

Harold's First Doctor's Appointment
"Here is a picture of the best, most handsome boy ever at the vet's office! He got the full treatment... all his shots, flea treatment, deworming, an antibiotic (he has scratched his neck so badly that it bleeds sometimes), etc. He was SO GOOD... the vet and the tech both just raved about him. He even got into the carrier at home with no trouble!!! He's a rockstar! Things are going great at home, too... he sleeps on our bed for short periods of time at night, is getting along better with Chloe (any aggression is totally on her part... it's usually only if he butts into the food dish or playtime), completely ignores the basement crawlspace now that we have it back open again, and so on. He's awesome and we just love him!"

Here are some pics of some of the kitties I took yesterday...

6th St., where I just TNR'd three females

Cedric on Central

2nd Street
The garage above is in pitiful shape.  My sister asked me the other day, if someone gave you $15,000, what would you do?  I hesitated, and said, well, my driveway needs doing, my central air needs replacing, I would get new kitchen cabinets - but after seeing this picture just now, I would replace this garage.  It belongs to a man that has allowed me to shelter and feed cats behind his house now for several years, a good man.  I wish I had the resources to help him.  This would be a small gesture to somehow repay him for his kindness to me, and to the animals.  I wish I were gifted in this respect, to be able to rebuild, or at least fix up, a garage like this.  His house isn't much better. 

At my last stop today, on 7th, where there were kittens living in the shelter throughout the winter, I believe one is pregnant, and maybe her mom again. Its so discouraging to see this.  And such a pretty kitten it is too.  I pulled up this morning and saw FIVE cats here, where normally I see three.   I need to figure this out, AGAIN. 
"You never know what is enough unless you know what is
more than enough."

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  1. Harold certainly is a handsome boy! It warms my heart to know he is so happy and doing well with his forever family.