Monday, May 6, 2013

Blind Eyed Kitty

Last Friday I was offered someone's spot at a clinic that spays and neuters on Sunday mornings if I could trap the pregnant kitty on Hayward.  So off I go, trap and tuna in hand, and lay the trap on the grass and before I could even get into my car to wait, out of the bushes comes pregnant kitty, and also a calico, and another kitty.  Momma goes sniffing, and the cali goes right into the trap.  I am thinking, 'no no no, thats for pregnant kitty', and kicking myself for not bringing and setting two traps.  Then I start to wonder 'why isn't the trap going off?'.  So I get out of the car, and go to the trap, where the cali turns around and runs out, I bring the trap to inspect it on the sidewalk, turn it over so I can see under the newspaper I lay down in it, and there is no trip plate!  I brought a defective trap with me.  I was SO disappointed.  I was SO upset about it.  I can't tell you how much I beat myself up over stupid things, and it really isn't so stupid when lives depend on it, its heartbreaking.  So I hope and pray that the momma doesn't have her babies, and if I can get the help on Wednesday, will try again for her, as I have another appointment with Habitat for Cats clinic as a backup to today.  So so disappointed.

I will then need to quickly concentrate on the kitten that is pregnant on Seventh.  She is such a pretty kitten, that little kitten face, yet her belly is growing day by day.

Today, I took a bunch of pictures with my crappy camera, and here is what I saw.

Kitty on Short Blind in one Eye

At one of my spots this morning, a cat sits in the window of a boarded up house, one that I have secured the door to stay open with a bottle since last winter because cats were stuck in there after the door had been reboarded by the city crews.  So the pretty orange buff cat runs down when I pull up, and I find out its a very friendly, very fluffy and beautiful young cat, that won't let me leave without tripping over it.  I noticed it also has a wound on its back hind quarter.  I will keep an eye on that, but I would love to rescue this little one next.  Anyone want a kitty? 

Wound on Orange Kitty

Have a great day.

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  1. Best of luck with the next trap Janine, I find even with the complete trap, I dont always have sucess with that stupid trip plate ! Gorgeous pics today, love the orange kitty and hope you can get pregnent baby mumma..... xxxx