Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Whirlwind Wednesday

Well, it was a busy morning. The goal was for Laura to trap the pregnant kitten on Seventh St. and for me to bring Cheddar to her, she would bring Cheddar to one location, I would bring the pregnant kitten to another. Before I finished the first half of my route, I texted Laura to see if she wanted me to set a trap somewhere as a back up plan. Good thing I did.  Laura then phoned me and said she believed the momma cat already had her kittens. I hadn’t seen her for two mornings in a row, so she may have had them within the past two days. Laura said she heard faint crying and thought she had seen the mom and she wasn’t fat, so we concluded the babies were already born. That’s two moms I wasn’t able to get. So sad. But I did manage to trap a kitty on Pennsylvania, one of at least three I feed there, and I did turn Cheddar over to her as she already had a couple of kitties she was bringing to this clinic, and I will pick up Cheddar later. I had him overnight and I can confidently say this is a very very very good boy. A true cuddler. You can tell he is SO thankful to be off the street now. I had thought about putting him back after he was neutered, but I don’t think I can do it. Although its going to be very hard for me at home, as Earl has a hard enough time with the others in my house, here I have a new one and he is not happy about it. He is acting up terribly and I have to watch him every second, with his spraying, and attacking the others. I need to find a home for these guys – Daisy, Earl, Leo and Cheddar. Please help me find homes for them?

My mother’s surviving kitten, and we have to think of a name for this little girl, is holding her own. She is a miracle to us each day she lives. My mother is feeding her every two hours, and momma Penny is keeping her warm. We hope she is getting enough of both.

I was so disappointed this morning when I pulled up to one of my longest standing shelters on Hayward. I had spoken to the owner of this rented house years ago and basically had his permission to feed on the side of the house. This is the same location where the woman came out of the glass door head first a month or so ago from the house next door. When I pulled up, everything was put to the curb. I got out, and moved EVERYTHING back, and then got a paper plate and wrote a note to the man, asking for leniency, telling him this was the only home these cats had and that I was doing good there by having them all neutered. Along with my cell number. I pray his compassion kicks in when he arrives there today. He rents the house out with two separate apartments there, and I’ve never had a problem before.

I don’t know where I will feed if I go back tomorrow and everything is gone. This is the problem I have at the moment, each of my spots is in jeopardy, so I can’t place new shelters down until I can figure this out.

Have a great day!


  1. All my love to Janine's mum for doing so much for the tiny baby kitty, it's true, "the apple dont fall far from the tree" this is also true of our Laura. I have had the pleasure of meeting her wonderful dad, a man not of the world but for the world. Janine, I often think of one of your quotes on this blog, it goes something like this, the " measure of a man can be judged by the improvement he/she makes in the life of others" and am so grateful for the people I have come to know through you and this endless effort to comfort these creatures.

  2. Knowing how much you love these babies this might not sound right to you but, put Earl on a leash so he can't get to the others and his spraying is confined to his own area. Most animales won't soil their own spot.