Friday, May 17, 2013

HFF!!! :)

I got through my rounds quicky this morning.  I was able to hold Red on Webster while another young black kitty looked on from behind the fence.  Hungry I'll bet.  The city workers came and mowed the grass, and the shelter has not been touched.  Yay.  This is the shelter that my creative teacher friends Darrin and Kris made the shelter out of a coffee table.  Very heavy, and probably the best shelter you can find.  Weather proof, and a spot to eat in front of it, inside.  The devil man next door has not bothered me in close to a year now.  My shelter on Hayward was also untouched, and I spotted a cat that could very well be the kitty that I first saw hugely pregnant weeks ago.    When I pull up to that spot its still not bright enough for me to see perfectly.  I wish I knew where she had her babies, and where they are now.  At Seventh, I did not see Mama Kitten anywhere.  Nor do I know where her babies are. 

It will be a busy weekend.  One mention, little Paddy is very loved now by his new Mom Lillian - she brought him to the vet a week and half ago, and he was diagnosed with Stomatitis.  I am heartbroken, and so is Lillian.  This means he may have to have all his teeth pulled at some point.  And the cost is staggering.  The vet quoted $1400.  She doesn't have that kind of money.  I feel like I gave her a
'defective' cat, but she assures me that she 'picked' him, so its not my fault!   Most of the research I've done on this all winds up with teeth being extracted.  If anyone has any other alternatives, or know how we can help Lillian financially with this, it would be appreciated!

Mom's cat Penny's kitten is doing well, still holding her own.  Eyes almost open, hopefully by this weekend!

Finally, I leave you with a wonderful video on YouTube that shows humanity at its best.  And how rescue is so important and vital to our furry friends in need.  I hope you can view it.


  1. I just had a full dental performed on one of my dogs...tarter removal plus 3 teeth removed...cost was really reasonable...$250. I have heard others state that the same procedure cost them 4 times as much at their vets.
    Might be worth the effort to call Northgate Animal Hospital for a price quote. Vet is Dr. Hughs.

  2. Yay for lillian and Paddy ! I did not know Stomatitus affected their teeth to such a degree, I had a horse with it and the teeth came thru the illness unscathed...also had my dogs teeth cleaned for more than thatout in Canfield, so that is a good price ! hope and pray for baby kitty and also to locate the new babys that must be very well hidden. xxxx

  3. they provid financial grants toward veterinary care to pets whose owners are facing financial limitations.