Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Strangers in the Night

OK, TONS happening this morning.

First off, Laura and I were able to trap three kitties today, two females, and the third was a kitten and we couldn't tell what sex it was.  It was new to me.  It funny how I never really see the strays and ferals that will come out after I leave, I'll bet there are more than I know of...  I had never seen this kitten before on Hayward.  I also trapped the calico that was happily eating out of my defective trap Sunday morning.  Laura got the pregnant muted calico on Baldwin.  A BEAUTIFUL colored cat.  I had never seen its colors before because it was always dark when I fed at that spot each day, but I could see from its silouette that it had quite the belly on it.  All in all, a great catch.  The bad part of this is there was no very pregnant kitty around on Hayward, nor has there been one since I saw her on Sunday.  Thats sad.  I wonder if she's had them somewhere.  I also need to work on getting the pregnant kitten on Seventh now.

On another note, a couple of months ago my mother had told me about a cat hanging around her house in Webster, in a beautiful neighborhood where you just don't find stray cats.  Maybe a moose or two, but not a cat.  This cat was a beautiful orange, and she would let it in on the cold winter nights and let it back out because her two kitties Mikey and Gracie weren't particularly fond of this orange cat.  Mikey and Gracie came from Third Street, and my mother was kind enough to adopt them.  Anyway, the past two weeks my mother has been asking for me to come check out the orange kitty, who she had been letting in more and more, because she thought she might be 'getting bigger'.  Well, I went over on Sunday and felt her belly, and I was pretty sure she was pregnant.  I was set to have her spayed and Another Chance Pet Rescue stepped in and offered to have her birthed and kittens adopted out through them, as my mother has no idea what she is doing when it comes to pregnant cats!  :)  The trade off was set to take place Saturday, and all would be well and my mother would get the cat back after it had her babies and was spayed.  Well, Mom calls me this morning while I am setting traps and tells me that at 2 am., PENNY (we've named the mom) screeched under the bed, and out a kitten comes!  I went over there and saw the kitten myself.  A beautiful red kitten, just like its mom.  I also noticed something that didn't look quite right.  Poor baby had a stillborn next to the live one.  It looked like it hadn't formed completely, poor thing.  I get to work and Mom calls me at 8 this morning to tell me she looked under the bed and another one was there!  This time a beautiful little black with red colors throughout was there!  Mom and two (hopefully thats all!) babies are doing well, and I will get pictures tonight.  Unbelieveable. 

Thats my story for today.  Tomorrow, updates on Cheddar, Paddy/Pepper, Pumpkin and Magic!  :)


  1. Oohh, kittens ! how adorable they must be, but i know it is a lot of work now for your mum, God bless her. As always many many thanks to Laura and you for trapping this morning, you girls are unique in your dedication and skill for trapping, so lucky to have you right here in Rochester. Cant wait to see baby photos !

  2. Congrats on all of the trapping! Just wonderful for those kitties & it is making a is, it is! And so very happy to read that Penny had those babies in your mom's house & not just any random place outside...whew!

  3. Oh my gosh, your mom must have freaked just a little when that baby came out! I know I would have. Thank God she had Penny in the house when she gave birth and thanks to Another Chance Pet Rescue for giving the kittens another chance. So, is your mom keeping Penny forever?

    Congrats on getting three cats today! I know it's really hard to catch them and then have to let them go, but like Chrissykat says, it's making a difference. Especially to those three cats. :)