Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Boy am I in over my head.  I had a vacation day last Friday, but you would never know it.  I never stopped running around the entire weekend.  I've gotten myself into a real pickle with saving cats.  I visited two homes that adopted cats from me - Pumpkin and Magic (Charley), and Paddy (Pepper), and took in two cats to Petco for showing.  That doesn't include a lot of running around in between, and this was just on Saturday.  I have a cat at home who is spraying everywhere now, and I have to keep him confined.  And guess who is confined in my bathroom this morning, after I had to kick Leo out of it - I am still bringing him in at night and letting him out during the day because there is just no room - Cheddar!  I rescued Cheddar this morning from Central and Third and he will be neutered tomorrow, along with his shots, etc. and he will be ready to go to a new home, but I have to find that first.  He is a very friendly, sweet and gentle boy and I am hoping he will be adopted soon, along with Earl, Daisy and Leo.  I need to get these four homes and fast.  Anyone that would be willing to foster one or two I would be extremely grateful!

I wish I could photoshop his face with a prettier background than my ugly bathroom background, but oh, if there were just a few more hours in the day...

Update on the surviving kitten at Mom's house - still hanging in there.  Although momma cat is moving baby around a lot, and we are now bottle feeding baby every two hours - thank you Maree for bringing us the formula, saved us a lot of time and running around!  Mother has decided to put Penny (momma cat) into the closet for now with lots of blankies, where its dark and quiet, and hopefully she will settle down in that for now before we resort to getting a large wire crate to put her and baby in.  Either way, she needs to stay with her baby in these critical first few weeks, so fingers crossed.

I was very disheartened this morning as I pulled up the Seventh Street location, where Laura has volunteered to try to trap the pregnant kitten there tomorrow morning, because I did not see the pregnant kitten.  This means either she is just hunting somewhere for the moment, or has had her babies somewhere.  And I always think the worst because of what I see every day.  I pray she hasn't and we can get her in time. 

Below is a picture of one of my locations I feed at - a house across the street - funny how things change in an instant.  This arson sign was not attached to the boarded door yesterday. 

Here is a kitty that hisses at me each morning, a very fluffy grey kitty on Second.  He has come to depend on me each morning for his breakfast, so I don't know what his problem is!  :)

Have a great day!


  1. Another beautiful orange boy, orange's have the best markings ! I think the only thing that does not change in "the hood" is your endless effort to offer comfort,and some attention to these neglected animals and humans that also cross your path :) Always thinking of you and the kittys Janine and what else I could do ?

  2. Cheddar's a beauty! He should find a home no problem. I'm praying for Penny's kitten and that Laura gets that pregnant one.