Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Hood Kitties

Kitties waiting on Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Kitty

Second St. Kitties

Old Tuffy

Lucy on Garson

Sixth St. Kitties
 ahhhh!  so much to tell!  First off, I have not seen pregnant kitty since I tried to trap there Sunday morning.  Today is Tuesday.  I pray she is just coming by a bit later.  Laura has offered to help me tomorrow, where I have two spots booked at Habitat for Cats clinic.  I had seen the calico hanging around and figured she was easily going into the trap, so she would be easy to get.  Nobody the past two mornings.  I pray they are there tomorrow.  But in the meantime, I did not feed a whole bunch at two other locations where I SUSPECT are other pregnant cats - one on Baldwin, a pretty muted calico, and on Seventh, the gorgeous fluffy kitten.  I will try to set a trap at either location, and hope for the best if the Hayward girl doesn't work out.  Rain is forecast, so I also pray that it doesn't put a damper on things.  I need prayers!  The slots at Habitat do not come easily!  Its always my fear I don't get one or two for what they have me booked for.  There are so many other kitties that need those spots!

Second, I brought some antibiotics to slip into the wet food for the beautiful red buff fluffball with the wound on his hip that you saw in the window on yesterday's post.  There he was in the window up above, and down he scurried when I arrived there this morning.  I placed the food in the bowl, with the medicine, but he is more interested in me than the food.  He always follows me to my car, and it BREAKS MY HEART to have to leave him there.  Seriously, I am really considering, but I would have to have him neutered, and where do I keep him?  Any suggestions and/or donations would be extremely helpful - these cats are killing my pocket.  I would also have to have his wound treated.  Its a very clean wound, and looks like its just skin missing in an even patch.  He is a very pretty boy, and it saddens me.  Something to think about, as if I don't have enough already.

I had sort of an amusing encounter this morning.  I noticed a male and female, both white, with the male pushing a shopping cart, on the same corner that I got out to feed the kitty at - you can tell they were both homeless.  Both very dirty looking, but they didnt' look harmful.  I got out with bag of food and water in hand and said 'goodmorning' and the male said 'feeding the cats again!', and I laughed, I must have encountered him in the past...  We started up a conversation that lasted at least five minutes before I said I had to go, we got to talking about the cats, and the girl - tall blond and could be very pretty asked if I knew Lisa - the girl from Parsells who a year ago was torturing cats in her house and I reported and cops went there and saved the cat, etc. (read last summer's posts) - and I said 'oh yea Crazy Lisa!' and we laughed, and she was telling me that she recently had her thumb bitten off by a pit bull that she was bothering in her yard.  Bitten right off.  That is crazy.  She also mentioned that she had been feeding at a boarded up house on Fourth Street, and told me where it was.  I drove over there, and they were headed that way, and as I scoped the place out, and was headed to my last spot, I stopped and asked her if she wanted some food to feed the kitty, and she gladly accepted, so I have her a half bag of food, some bowls, a can of wet, and a jug of water.  She was very grateful, I could tell.

So there you have it.  Another exciting morning in the hood.  :)

"The question is not, can they reason?
Nor, can they talk? But can they suffer?"


  1. Aaaww, poor old red buff kitty, if you get him trapped, they will treat his wound at the same time, but I know it would need further cleaning ect., and the same old same old, where do we keep them while waiting ?. always hoping for that building for "waiting" kittys to become a reality so more can be TNR'd.

  2. A "waiting" building sounds like a great idea! I'm praying for your TNR with Laura!