Friday, May 24, 2013


Its Friday - a holiday weekend - three days off from work, but not a day off from feeding all the hungry sweet animals that I feed every day, 365 days a year, in rain, snow, heat and cold, no matter what, I am out there.  It was very very rainy and cold and wet this morning, and I tried to make the best of it for the cats at each of the `16 locations I stop at every day.  I changed a lot of wet towels, I place them down so that the kitties can have some minute bit of comfort while they chow down their only meal of the day, before the raccoons get to it, or the nasty evil people that own these abandoned properties come by to check on their house and trash the food and bowls, and any other small comfort I have left there for the kitties, like a little bed or a few towels made into a bed.  I still can't comprehend how someone would do that.  A threadbare water and food bowl, and a blanket.  How is that hurting you, or your property, and looking at the big picture, what else does this small furry animal have in its life, and you want to take it away, give it nothing.  I don't understand black hearts.  God will hopefully deal with people like this in the end, or karma will come around for them.  But I sure do hope people like this know suffering like these animals know, someday, somehow, in their miserable lives. 

OK, enough of that, lets get positive - the sun will come out, and its going to be a great summer!  I found out yesterday there is going to be a spay/neuter clinic coming to the area where I feed at very soon.  This is going to be a good thing for this area.  I have a dream...  Where all the cats in the Beechwood section of Rochester will be spayed or neutered, most will be adopted from the streets, and the problem of homelessness and reproduction will end.  I know it can be a reality, it just takes more people than myself to help out.  I hope you will consider ways that you can help out too.

Finally, I heard from Cheddar's new family last night.  Apparently, things were going well with the two adults, their sweet little dog and new kitty until new kitty peed in the woman's sandle.  She wasn't happy about this and I am a bit nervous that she is going to return Cheddar.  She had been keeping him in a bedroom for the first few nights, and that night she had let him out for the first time overnight, and it happened.  He has been eating drinking and using the litter box just fine, so I can't figure out what happened - I would WELCOME any suggestions that you may have, I need to share with this woman so that Cheddar can remain where he is - I don't know what will happen to him if he has to come back as he was not happy in my house with all the other kitties.  Thanks.

Have a great weekend!

"Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time."


  1. Hi Janine!! I would recommend that she keep cheddar in the spare bedroom at night for a few weeks to months! We have done this with all of our new kitties and they actually seem to love it! Our newest "newby", Winnie, actually runs to her bedroom in the evening, hops on the bed and rolls around waiting for us to rub her tummy and put her bed for the night. We have a litter box, water and crunchy food all set up and a nice quilt to snuggle in. Once we shut the door, we never hear a peep till morning. I truly think it makes them feel safe and secure at night - especially if they are in a new place. Now we have had Winnie since last summer, but she still goes to bed every night and it keeps the her happy and the the older cats like a break from the kitten craziness during the night. :)

  2. Agree with Kristen, all of my 7 know and love the bed time routine, bless them. About the Sandle...maybe it was pissed in before, by someone else, believe me no matter how long ago, they know it !

  3. Cat Attract litter or litter additive- I think they make both- I have heard works wonders to encourage them to use litter box. I agree with the other comments but also this may be added insurance.