Tuesday, May 21, 2013

All Quiet on the Homefront

These puppies are looking for a good home.  If any interest, please contact the following:

SusieQ Dog ResQ / Another Chance Ranch

I have some pretty good news to share – Cheddar, the pretty fluffy red haired kitty I rescued one week ago today from Central and Third, who was then neutered the next day, and spent the next few days getting to know what it was like to live in a safe and cozy environment, was adopted on Sunday! Thanks to Another Chance Pet Rescue for allowing me to use a cage at their Adoption Days at Petco on Saturday, within the first ten minutes a lady came in and said she had been looking for a kitty just like him! I am still crossing my fingers that all goes well – they have a little doggie that they adore and she comes first in their house – so I pray that Cheddar is on his best behavior with their princess. So far so good, no news is good news!

On Sunday morning, my friend Kristin came over very early in the morning to help me look for the newborns that the kitten on Seventh Street had last week. We scoured as much as we could of that area, and couldn’t see or hear anything. I am almost suspecting that they either didn’t live, or mama wasn’t able to care for them the way a more grown cat could – maybe not enough milk, or not enough instinct to protect them. I didn’t see her yesterday morning, but Ithere she was this morning. She is getting closer each time, but still keeping her distance. And she almost looks pregnant again...  could that be possible?  It must be hunger that brings her closer to me as there is never a drop of food or water when I arrive in the morning. The injured black cat let me touch him this morning, as he hungrily gobbled up the food I was placing. I am so torn about this situation, as I know he is suffering, and I should help to ease that suffering. In an ideal situation, I would take him, have him seen by a doctor, nurture him back to health and keep him or adopt him out. But none of that is possible. I have nowhere to care for him nor do I have the finances.. So his fate would be to be put to sleep. Or to suffer and die a painful death on the street. I will try putting antibiotics in his food tomorrow if he is there, but he is not consistent either. I don’t like to see these animals suffer, and I will make the right decision when I feel its right.

Have a good day.


  1. Glad all is quiet in the hood, great effort on the part of you 2 girls searching for the baby's, God bless you, pray you can trap mother cat to see whats going on with her........

  2. Cheddar is such a beauty that I'm not really surprised he found a home so quickly! Ecstatic, but not surprised. :) I'll be praying that he and the doggie make friends.

    That's strange about the kitten mama. I know nothing about pregnant cats other than they can get pregnant by more than one male. That the runt may actually be a preemie by a second father!