Thursday, May 16, 2013

Been dazed and confused for so long its not true....

I am a total nut job when it comes to Led Zepplin.  I am a rocker from way back.  When I was growing up I always hung with the older crowd, and was very into the 70's music.  I still am today.  I can't get enough of classic rock, but then again, I love jazz, bluegrass, country, Marvin Gaye, southern rock,....  the list is really endless.  There are times I could listen to sweet ballads, even some classical.   But if Led Zepplin - Robert Plant are involved, I go into a zone...  I played this song this morning on my way to work, and had it full blast.  I swear, most of the people I passed were either too old or too young to know or appreciate the loud sounds coming from my car...  :)  Thats how I begin my workday, with the greatest music of all.... 

OK, back to cats.  I arrived home from work yesterday to the kitty that I trapped - turned out to be a female, which is GREAT, one less kitty delivering babies.   I got her nice and secure for an overnight stay at my place, I put food and water in the trap, and she did eat and drink over night, so that is good.  She is pretty feral, so there wasn't a peep from her while she was all covered up snug in the cage.  It was hard to let her back out this morning, but it had to be done.  Cheddar was also vetted yesterday, the works, all tests negative, and he also had his nails clipped.  They apparently were so long they were growing into his paw.  These poor street cats, they have such a hard life.

The female pregnant kitten that were were not successful in getting on time - I saw her this morning for the first time in three days, and she was definitely not pregnant anymore.  In fact, she came so close to me I was able to get this picture.
Momma Kitten on Seventh
I told you, she is just a kitten herself.  I am heartsick thinking of the babies she had.  This is the closest she has ever come to me, I was on my knees putting food and water in the shelter there, the bowls completely empty.  She must have been very hungry to get this close.  Poor thing.  Here are a few other pictures I was able to get this morning of some of the kitties I feed - if you click on each picture you can see them up close:

ROLO on Central
Kitty on Seventh

Cedric on Central

Sweet Red on Webster (he needs a home!)
 The Hayward Street shelter was still in tact this morning, I'll bet no one came by to work on the house.  But I am prepared each morning for the worst, thinking of another boarded house two doors down.  The calico still comes for her breakfast, but have not seen the pregnant tabby that was there for so long up until a week and half or so ago.

Mom's - or I should say Penny's baby is still doing well, and Mom reports this morning that she may be opening her eyes!  Can't wait to get pictures this weekend for you!


  1. I love Led Zeppelin, saw them live once. Takes me way......back......LOL

  2. Yes, here's hoping everything stays intact, I know you try really hard to keep the neighbours in good favour and some of them are on your's eyes maybe open ? boy, what a great achievement, another step forward for this precious fragile life, will continue prayers for her.

  3. Momma kitten, on Seventh, is a beauty! I hope that she and her babies will be safe and healthy. Prayers...

  4. What a pretty, pretty baby mama. Poor thing. I wonder where the kittens are hidden. Hopefully she'll bring her kittens to you to be rescued. Wishful thinking, I know! I'm thinking of you and praying for all the kitties.