Thursday, May 2, 2013

May Days

If you recall the story of Miss B, the woman who lived on Grand Ave who loved cats, was my only ally then when I fed them at the corner of Grand and Stout for close to a year, and she was evicted at one point, and wound up at a women's shelter for close to six months - I took in a few of her cats, had them fixed, and to this day still have Buster and Midnight.  Well, we've remained friends, she did get herself an apartment, and I help her out occasionally with rides to the doctor, or take her shopping, and recently she needed to get her newly acquired little pup Precious in for a grooming because he was very matted, etc., and I offered to help her with the dog, because I know her finances are very poor, she never has much extra from her monthly stipend - so we got Precious in for a grooming this week, and here is what the poor little thing looked like after. 

 I went for a visit yesterday to see little Paddy.  He is just the cutest little thing around.  He is the most mellow kitten, he just lays there, rolls over on his back and lets out a huge purr when you rub his belly.  Lillian is becoming more and more smitten with him.  She has all sorts of little toys for him, and soft little blankets set on her comfy chairs for him in her very beautiful house.  She was much more relaxed and calm while I was there - we had a lot of laughs as I smooched him on the mouth, and then on the belly, while she exclaimed that SHE would NOT be doing that so he shouldn't get used to it.  :)  But it was obvious that she is falling for him.  I was happy when I left there.  I told her I would be back next week for a visit.

Out on my rounds things are fairly quiet.  Its much lighter now so the last half of my route I can see better.  No one has upset my shelters. and the kitties are still waiting hungrily for me each day.  I can see signs of raccoon pillaging at some of the spots, you always know because the water bowls have filth and dirt in them.  I believe there is a very pregnant cat on Hayward (again, its still dark enough that its hard to see her), and she waits under a porch until I get back in my car before she goes for the food.   The one I thought might be on Seventh - its hard to tell because she or he is so fluffy.  I must get some trapping done there.   As I turned the corner from my last stop on Seventh this morning, I spotted a black cat on the side of the road, eating garbage.  I thought I recognized the cat as one that I had fed last fall at the spot behind the house I saw him at just then - he looked so sick and pathetic back then, but looked worse now.  I immediately pulled over and got out with a two bowls, and tried to coax him with food and water - he wandered slowly away, but I found a grassy spot on the side of this house and placed the bowls down, hoping he would either come back and eat a decent meal, or find the other shelter just a few feet away and partake in that feast.  Either way, I felt for this poor soul. 

Leo, the neighborhood stray that I've been feeding on my porch, and taking into my bathroom every single night because he is now in LOVE with me, I am getting an appointment to have him tested so that I can get him adopted out through Petco.  Another Chance Pet Rescue has a ton of kittens but they aren't ready for show so I must take advantage of their empty cages right now with my adoptable babies! 

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  1. Good work janine and Lillian, all your hard work and thorough reseach into prospective new owners has paid off, to be "approved" by Janine as a new owner of one of her rescues is no mean feat. Glad everything is holding up at the moment.xxxxx may God bless.