Wednesday, January 10, 2018

DEC 25th! TERRY R.!!! Feed a Cat for Christmas!

Terry R!  Thank you Terry, for helping me to help these cats out there, and your donation fed the cats on Christmas day.  Thank you so much.  It was a lonely existence for them until I arrived, and talked to them, and poured their precious food and water, that you helped to provide.  I can't thank you enough Terry.  You are very special, and we don't even know each other personally, or do we?  :)

Chewy went to foster care yesterday.  She got a clean bill of health at the vet, but weighs only 3 pounds.  She was literally dying out there.  I cannot believe my good luck in grabbing her.  I was standing outside the shelters on the street on Second and Central talking to this man who was asking me for a ride.  We are familiar with each other, as he calls me cat lady.   Little Chewy ran up to me, crying, and I totally ignored him after that, telling him I had to rescue the little one at my feet, as I was going toward the Jeep to get the carrier.  He agreed.  She was very skinny.  He went walking, I grabbed her and off I went, not thinking twice.  Well, thinking twice for sure...

Most don't understand ...  I rescue cats, but when I rescue ONE, that's big for me. I must figure out what I am doing, what the game plan is.  Vet, foster, where am I going to put kitty.  Kitty gets very lonely in a room by itself after a few days.  All that comes into play.  Then you get another cat.  And then another.  And then another.  That makes four.  So now I have four under my belt.  All adult cats.  Adult cats are harder to place than kittens.  They will EVENTUALLY be placed, but not as fast.  Most times.  Some need to be more socialized before they are adopted.  Chewy is one.  She is just precious.  But she's also 3.5 pounds AND she is an adult cat.  That's pretty extreme.  She was either stuck in a garage somewhere, or was lost and couldn't find anything to eat for days/weeks.  She will be fattened up by her foster mom, Amanda.  Thank you Amanda, for caring for her.

CHEWY relaxing at foster home!
But for now, I have Charlie in a room until he goes to vet tomorrow for neutering, shots, and combo testing.  Prayers he tests negative for all.  And Milo, he is allowed to venture out of his room and so far so good.  My own cats are curious, but there have been no fights, no blood drawn. 

CHARLIE has the biggest paws, and tail, I've ever seen!
The guilt I feel about keeping a cat in a room by themselves is tremendous. I have a friend whose husband makes these gates for the doorways, and he custom makes them by size.  I have to get one that reaches almost to the top of the doorway.  Charlie is a jumper.  I've had the gate up so he can see out, and meet the others, but he jumps.  If anyone is interested in a gate, they are $20.

I thank everyone for the shelters, toe warmers, hand warmers, straw, totes, paper plates and bowls.  I have enough.  Thank you very much! 

And that's a wrap!

Have a great day!

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