Friday, January 5, 2018

DEC 22!!! ANNIE and ANTONIO!!! Feed a Cat for Christmas!!!

ANNIE and ANTONIO!!!  Thank you for helping me to Feed a Cat for Christmas!  I received this sweet note from Antonio with their donation, and it made me melt.  You see, they - Annie and her son Antonio, adopted MITZY from me this past summer!

Be sure to click on pics to see up close.


Mitzy was a rescue from Parsells, along with her brother Moxy.  This was Antonio's first pet, and boy was this a great match.  They just love him.  And I just love them.  I used to work with Annie wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy long ago, when I did collections for Charter One Bank.  What fun we had!  :)  So glad we've remained friends...  thank  you both for helping the kitties!

Mitzy's Stocking drawing

Antonio's note

And boy what a morning it was.  I did it though!  But it was a tough one.  Less for me, but for the kitties out there.  Especially this little guy, who was standing on the sidewalk after I made a very long, and strenuous trek from the back of this city lot where there are shelters and five cats waiting each morning.  I took a picture the other morning of another kitty at this location, where I placed a towel down and some food, but he has not been seen since.  But this one was doing the tippy toe dance.  I could tell his little pads were freezing, and the snow was coming down, and the wind was whipping, and I was not going to leave this cat to eat on the sidewalk.  So here we are, my second rescue this new year, and my third in a week.  uggh.


The thermostat in truck read 1 degree this morning.  That's not including wind chill.  My toes were frozen by the time I got home. I MUST get some toe warmers.  I have to find them.  But I can't drive all over to get them.  Will try Target across from work when I get in.

That's all for today, but isn't that enough???  ha.

Have a great day.

"If we believe that tomorrow
will be better, we can bear
a hardship today."


  1. Janine,

    What can I say you are one Amazing Lady!

    I will be submitting your story(tireless daily efforts to save Rochester's Homeless and Starving Cats one at a time) once again in an attempt to have you selected for the ESL Jefferson Award that you are so deserving of.

    Hopefully, sooner rather then later ESL will realize Cats lives also matter and bestow you with that honor.

    Keep up your Excellent work Cat Angel because not only do the Kitties appreciate it they rely on it as you are well aware.

    Walt Simoni

  2. Another great rescue story! Hats off to Annie & Antonio for rescuing Mitzy! LOVE his stocking! She's raising a fine young man who will surely respect & take care of animals as he gets older. Well done Mom!

  3. That little boy and his beloved kitty are the cutest thing ever!!! What a great cat to let him dress her up as well as take her to sit on Santa's lap.