Tuesday, January 9, 2018

DEC 24th! TRACEY U.!!! Feed a Cat for Christmas!

TRACEY U!!!  Thank you Tracey, for helping me to Feed a cat, many cats, for Christmas, and beyond!....................  Tracey is the wonderful girl that adopted Sunshine and Patrick!~  I'll never forget driving Sunshine out to Tracey's house, about a month after she adopted Patrick.  Sunshine did not like the car ride.  In fact, she let me know TWICE.  I thought I would die at the smell, and the clean up!  Yuck!  Obviously she is a car sick cat.  Poor baby was not happy that day.  So thank you Tracey, for all you did for me, and for all you do for them.

Before Tracey

Sunshine shining in her new home!

Patrick is one happy camper - another Parsells rescue
I did it again.  I rescued another cat this morning.  IF you will recall, last week I spotted a cat I had not seen in a while that I used to feed under the mailbox on Central Park and Second.  She is a calico, and was very talkative,   Last week, I finally saw her after a month, after she ran up to me, which she had never done.  She was emaciated.  It was zero degrees.  We were due for a storm the next day.  I told myself I would rescue her if i could find someone to take her in.  I went back the next day, and never saw her again, until this morning, when she ran up to me, crying loudly.  Emaciated.  I immediately scooped her up.    Poor baby.  She is frightened, and ate like there was no tomorrow.   I am so relieved to know she won't die on the street, which she surely would have.


Thank you Amanda for offering to foster her.  She just got back from the vet, and tested negative for EVERYTHING!  Now to get her socialized, and trusting humans again.  PS, she is a former TNR!

Have a great day.

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  1. I'm so glad you found Chewy, or that she found you again! What a pretty girl she is. Thank you to Amanda for volunteering to foster her!