Thursday, June 1, 2017

Please Be a Responsible Adult - SPAY AND NEUTER A CAT!

Meet Carmel - barefoot and pregnant.  Carmel is being spayed this morning.  Carmel showed up at my Central location a few days ago.  I began to place a dish down for her by the side of the road, and it took two mornings for her to trust me enough to get close to me.  Keep in mind, its dark out still. She got close enough this morning for me to scruff her by the neck - gently of course - and then feel under her belly.  Milk ducts.  I carried her to the carrier I always carry in the back of the Jeep, and off she went to my bathroom.  Upon examination, she is a very young cat.  I'll bet under a year old.   It is fairly common for a cat to have its first estrus period between four and six months of age, and to give birth as early as at six or seven months. This situation is rife with potential for disaster, both to the survival of the mother cat, and to any kittens that live


Very young cats and very old cats rarely enjoy the kind of physical condition that would warrant allowing them to give birth.  Birthing and nursing a litter of kittens would easily take their last ounce of strength, and could kill them. This truth is even more evident in the case of pregnant strays, who may have already borne dozens of litters of kittens.  A female cat is capable of bearing at least three litters of kittens each year. The kindest and most compassionate action anyone could take with one of these cats is to spay/abort her.

We have an enormous cat overpopulation problem, primarily caused by cat owners' failure to spay or neuter their cats. Often the pregnant cats are thrown out on the street, where they and their surviving kittens continue to mate, and the offspring from those matings continue to mate. The reality is that a pregnant female cat and her descendants can account for the births of several hundred kittens in just a few years.

This year's kitten crop will be responsible for the deaths of last year's kittens, or older cats, at shelters. There isn't enough space to house them all, and something's gotta give. It's a matter of supply and demand. In a world that loves kittens, kittens are a dime a dozen.

Spaying a pregnant rescued cat will help prevent the deaths of living cats and kittens. Even though a pregnant female cat might be adopted by the finder, with good homes waiting for her kittens, each of those kittens will indirectly be responsible for the death of a shelter cat or kitten that might have been adopted into one of those homes.

Carmel is a beautiful young girl, and will make a very nice companion for a very nice family.  It was not my intention to rescue another cat this morning, but what choice did I really have?  There are still so many out there that have been waiting for me, I've promised them, but I had no choice.  She is too sweet to put back out on these dangerous streets.  Looking for a foster for her! 

PS, Carmel is GORGEOUS.  Reddish Autumn color w/Tabby and Bengal markings.  GORGEOUS.

And speaking of kittens, here is who is left for adoption out of the 15 I have under my wings.


Taco & Destiny (Mom)

Toesie (a boy!)

Rosie (a boy!)

Posie (a boy!)



I THINK!  As of this minute!

On a GREAT note, one of the potential kitten adopters saw Pierre's picture, and wants to adopt him!  WOO HOO!!

Pierre Le Peu

Have a great day!


  1. Oh that picture at the end breaks my heart. I pray to god whoever took that picture then went on to help the cat. Great work Janine - you have always done amazing work, but what you have accomplished this spring is almost unbelievable. With the addition of Carmel, I think you are at about the 55 mark for rescued cats this year. And it's only June!!

  2. That last picture makes me want to cry.

    Your pace is just dizzying! So many babies and rescues. I can't believe Maddie hasn't be scooped up yet. She's so adorable!

  3. My opinion... but I love how you focused on the fact.. that kittens are adorable.. but do take homes from those already needing one.. and are only kittens for such a short time.. aborting is the only healthy thing to do, on so many levels. Mercy certainly taught you how to put together a well written essay. A for you..( I don't know how to put the plus sign up for grabbing the new young'un... sometimes one must fly with the seat of their do what makes your heart full, so you can keep on , keeping on. I am sure your fosterer's