Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Hump Day!

Happy Happy.

It was quiet out this morning. I had to let Picassi back - and boy did she run when I opened up the trap on Parsells.   Picassi was lactating, but they didn't check the box off that reads 'possible recent delivery' so the return wasn't as urgent.  I HATE doing that part.  Hate it.  But she was scared, and miserable to have spent the night in the trap, on the porch.  Blackie No. 2 was waiting - he's had a real gash on his neck, but I've been treating him with Doxycycline in his food, and guess what.  That is one smart cat.  He will now eat around the medicine!  Even though I try to hide it!  He can sniff it!  And momma RED who I TNR'd last week - I searched and searched around the area for her little ones that apparently she recently had as she was lactating when she was spayed.  I just couldn't find anything.  

I've had a real ant issue lately.  Not like TONS, but here and there, and it bothered me to think they would be crawling inside the trap after smelling the food inside for her, so I got out the RAID! and sprayed around the edges of the porch floor, and outside the porch, and that did the trick.  I hate killing anything, but I could only toss so many ants outside.

Our little Pierre, who I rescued, what...  three weeks now?  Is still waiting for his forever home.  His foster Mom Kim says he's a wonderful little boy who likes to hang around with the entire family.  Dogs, cats, people and all.  Lets get him a family to call his own.


If you all remember the kittens I rescued two years ago - Pip & Emmett - well here is Pip freeloading on the couch in his comfy home - both enjoy a full and satisfied life.  They were scared little kittens when Scott and Mary adopted them, but eventually, and it was a while, they came around.  They are now cherished members of their family.

Pip Lounging on the Lounge
The kittens I have - Taco seems to be thriving, but is still so tiny.  But he is moving about with his big brothers inside the little playpen I have for all of them.  Taco is nursing full time, and kittens I am trying to wean but its slow going for them.  Most are using the litter box, they are just still so little to even climb comfortably up and down on things, so having to put them in box my self.  They are still too little to play with toys, but love rolling around on each other!

I must begin to make appointments for all 15 kittens to get their first round of shots - not right now, but in a few weeks, and then make appointments for spay and neuter.  And then they are ready to go go go!!!  I will be sad, I am sure, in two months from now, because I love little kittens, but they need to go to families who will give them all the love and attention they will need.   I have my own brood I need to love.  They are feeling so neglected.

Blossom went her new home on Sunday, and what a beautiful home in the country!  Things went very well.  I think they are in love already!


Carter's new parents love him to pieces  Myrna says "we just love him!  he is such a sweet lil man!  He doesn't like noises.  He is so snuggly.  He's a perfect fit with us! Best loved kitty!"  I couldn't be happier.

Bunny - I am hoping her new family will send me a good picture showing how happy she is, but some adopters are different.  They don't all keep in touch as much as I would like, but I still try to reach out occasionally.  Here is what her new mom Amy has to say:  "Hi! She is doing great! She comes when I call her and she loves the attention! She loves laying on the couch or chair. Or sitting looking out the window. ".

Bunny eating in her new home

That's it for today.  I am hoping all my potential adopters will reach out to me for confirmation on the kittens they have chosen.  There are a few still up in the air - this way I can have a firm idea on who is still available.  Lets not forget beautiful DESTINY the mommy too!  And baby Taco!  :)

Have a great day.

"No matter where you are on your journey,
that's exactly where you need to be.
The next road is always ahead."

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