Thursday, May 11, 2017


I received an inquiry about Carter yesterday.  The woman and I spoke, and she told me about losing her cat six weeks ago to brain cancer.  She told me what a heartache it was for her and husband to lose this cat, that they had become so attached to since adopting it over 10 years ago from Lollipop.  She told me she had lost her mother to brain cancer also.  What a coincidence is that.  She told me when she saw Carter, he reminded her of her baby she lost.  It was a good conversation getting to know her, and in the end, she nearly broke down crying she was so excited to meet Carter.  I hope this was meant to be.  They will come meet and greet this Saturday.  Fingers crossed!

Update on Carter this morning.  He is still a bit skittish – I moved him into another bedroom with an actual bed and large window to look out of – I layed him on the bed, with a nice boar bristle brush, and brushed him, and he went into a coma.  HE LOVED BEING BRUSHED.  I then left the room, and threw a few toys in.  He went BERSERK.  Darting from surface to surface.  He nearly scaled a five foot dresser but wound up knocking over a beautiful porcelain hummingbird music box and breaking it.   No biggie.  But I grabbed him and placed him back into my office where he is comfortable.  And earlier, I had him on my lap in the living room and he was loving the tummy rubs.  So, again, he will be a bit of work for someone, but he will come around!

This morning, and yesterday morning, feeding the kitties out there were very similar.  All was quiet, no one bothered me, and all the kitties were all accounted for. 

Pierre was picked up and brought to his foster mom's house after work yesterday.  He still has a strong urine odor that I hope goes away soon!  Its a terrible odor.  Pungent.  Here is the update I received this morning!

“Pierre, shortened to Petey has a lot of confidence, minimal fears. Came out last night for petting, then came out of his room for exploring and a face to face meeting with a few resident pets just like he owed the place!  It was his plan to come out not mine. I think he's young he has that kind of behavior. His eye is no worse and probably a bit better. Very loving, but he is very curious.”

Now lets get this boy adopted!

I finally received pictures of the kitten that my sister and niece are fostering.  Maddie!  So cute!   She will be ready for spaying in a couple of weeks, or a pound and a half more!  :)

I thought the following was interesting:
Cat Urine In General
Cats are well designed to survive in a variety of situations, and one of their talents is the ability to use water effectively. Their bodies squeeze every last ounce of moisture out of their food, which means they don't have to drink as much water as other animals, such as dogs. It also means their urine is super concentrated, darker than that of most animals. The concentration of waste gives the urine of all cats a strong smell.
Males Make It Worse
Males get a double dose of the stinkies. In addition to their concentrated urine, they produce powerful hormones and pheromones that they turn loose in their pee. Male cat urine is full of testosterone, signalling to nearby males to stay away and letting females know there's an available fella nearby. It also contains felinine, an amino acid that is basically a pheromone signal designed to attract the ladies. These urine extras aren't found in neutered males or female cats, but they serve to make non-neutered male kitty pee reek for days.
Urinary Tract Problems
While your feline friend's urine might smell on a daily basis, a change in the scent can signal a problem in his urinary tract. If it starts to smell more like ammonia or you notice him going to the litter box more often than normal, scoop him up for a quick vet visit to check for a urinary tract infection. The treatment can range from antibiotics to surgery to bladder stone removal.
Why They Spray

Even when your male cat is litter box trained, he's likely to spray other areas of your home occasionally. Tomcats are hardwired to stake out their territory, protect it from other males and to find as many girlfriends as possible. If they ever catch a whiff of another cat, which could happen just by you opening your door and letting the scent of a neighbor's kitty waft in, your male is likely to begin marking what is his. Cat urine smell is difficult to get rid of, but pet stores carry many products designed specifically to counteract the smell, or you could scrub the area with baking soda and dishwashing liquid followed by some white vinegar.

Have a great day!

"The teardrops run down,
And fall off of her nose,
She cries in dark corners,
Where nobody goes,
You can follow the tracks,
From her eyes to her chin,
Years upon years,
Of letting them win,
And her eyes tell a story,
Of anger and pain,
You think that she's happy,
But just look again,
And the scars of her past,
Hidden under her clothes,
Are a roadmap to places,
That nobody knows,
Her smile is now painted,
She's a master of disguise,
And you can see it all,
Just look into her eyes."


  1. Yikes ! That's a dark one to end today's entry.
    Sounds like that soda company should hire Pierre to fill up the kitty piddle bottles !

  2. I hope Carter's meet and greet goes well. Have you considered Rescue Remedy for him. It helped my boy find a little courage when he thought the world was out to get him

  3. it took almost a year for my rough guy to level out.. he is the calmest dude ever and it was exciting to watch him learn to trust, added very much to the joy of knowing his life is better now.. and I get all the licks!

  4. That kitten is soooo cute! What kitten isn't though? I'm glad Pierre is doing well in his new foster home and hope Carter comes around soon. He will! My fingers are crossed for Saturday!