Monday, May 15, 2017

What a Weekend!

I'll start with the biggest news:

Saturday morning, as I arrived at Garson, to be greeted by George and his co-horts, I did my usual by crossing the lot and pouring food and water, one at the back spot - which has around four shelters inside, and a few steps from there, another elaborate set up which has a much larger wooden shelter built by friend Debbie's husband, who is a master carpenter.  Saturday Sheryl usually goes up ahead and gets the bowls and such out for me there and when she did, and when I finished in the back, she told me 'you better come look at this.'  I didn't know what it meant, but I took the look, and there was this tiny whitish kitten at the entrance of the wooden shelter.  I gulped.  Oh no.  Kittens.  I looked further into the shelter and there were three more at the back huddled together.  I could see their eyes were shut, and gooky.  I knew what had to be done, I just didn't want to do it.  I asked Sheryl to go get the shelter and help me take off the top of the shelter. We peeled back the tarps, took off the rocks holding down the tarps, and removed the lid.  Ever so gently we placed the kittens in the carrier.  Meanwhile, Momma was watching.  My heart sank.

I decided - all the while FLIPPING OUT - that I would try to get Momma so I called Kings and asked him to meet me there with a trap.  I did a few more rounds, and met back there to set the trap with the kitten inside.  The active, rambunctious one.  Mistake.  As I walked away, little kitten calmly walked out.  This wasn't going to work.   Long story short, I left there with the kittens, with Momma watching me, heartbroken for her.  I could not have left those kittens - she would have either taken them somewhere else, or the daily visit by The Raccoon family would have proved dangerous.

FAST FORWARD - We bottle fed kittens with droppers, having no baby bottles, and Kristin called after seeing my post and told me she could get them into her vet that morning.  Here she comes all the way from Churchville to retrieve the little buggers, all sick with respiratory issues and eye gook.

Kittens treated, bill $144.  Not too bad for four kittens all vetted - dewormed, defleaed, eyes cleaned, medicine for eyes, and shot for one of them with antibiotic.  Kristin told me her mom could foster them because her nephew was coming to stay with her and he loved cats and would love this experience.  I agreed, as I had my hands full getting Carter and Bunny adopted this weekend.  Phew.  What a lifesaver Kristin's phone call was.  I didn't know which way to turn at first.

We've named three of them so far, one left to go.  Spice, Sugar, Teddy.  The runt will be named by Kristin's nephew Drew! He LOVES LOVES LOVES cats and will be in charge of feeding and socializing the little ones. Drew will be in his glory with these four!

By the way, two boys, two girls.  :) -  3-4 weeks old.

Here are pics:

Sheryl feeding the tiny runt of the litter

Spice, Sugar and Teddy

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Kittens in Shelter on Garson

Sugar & Kristin

And then some of the other big news:

A wonderful couple came by from Farmington on Saturday (yes Jess, just down the street from you!) and fell in love with Carter.  Right there, on the spot.  They want to adopt, I am hoping to bring them over this weekend.  Carter, on the other hand, has totally changed since I rescued him.  He is scared to death, and will take some work getting him less afraid, but I am sure he will come around once he is with this quiet stable couple with no other animals.  Carter also developed an upper respiratory infection and I started him on Doxy on Saturday morning.  He is a great pill taker - good boy!  I hold him constantly, and he does lighten up, but he is so scared.  He purrs and loves a belly rub.  And especially loves to be brushed.

Right after going out to see kittens after the vet Saturday, I dropped off Bunny.  This new family has several loud barking dogs, and she was scared to death at first, but the report yesterday calmed my fears of her being totally afraid and unhappy.   When I left her there on Saturday, my heart sank as she stood in the doorway watching me.  Alone.  Ugggh.  But she has a wonderful new mommy who will take good care of her, I am sure.  I am waiting for Day Two report.

I have to get ready for work.  More tomorrow!

Have a great day!

"Some days are better,
Some days are worse.
Look for the blessing instead
Of the curse.  Be positive, stay
Strong, and get enough rest.
You can’t do it all,
But you can do your best.”


  1. Kitten update!! I just talked to my mom. All kittens were snuggled in their "playpen" - a giant cardboard box from a furniture store. Filled with soft blankets, a litter box and a stuffed animal "mom". They have been pooping and peeing - sometimes in the litter box, sometimes not. But they are learning! I will be calling the vet right now about the little brown tiger kitten's eye. She needs to be seen again. But they are happy and doing really well. I hope we can getting mommy cat soon. Did you see her today Janine? How is she?

  2. Cool! What street do they live on?
    Hope we get some kitten updates with photos/video from Kristin's mom! That's so awesome of her to take them in. :)