Wednesday, May 10, 2017

One Too Many?

OK. I did it.  I rescued another supposed-to-be TNR.  Meet PIERRE.  He has a French accent when he meows.

This guy was definitely not feral.  But one I saw lurking in the shadows each morning on Parsells, under the bushes, waiting, just waiting for me to leave so he could eat.  Gotcha.  I almost let him back, but when he began pressing into my fingers as I pet him through the trap, I just knew I had to do something else.  But what.  I reached out to my foster Kim, and she said yes.  I kept him in the trap on the porch overnight, just in case it was just the drugs talking, and he was really a feral, but no, this morning, at 2:30, I brought the trap into the bathroom and out he came, crying.  And he's been crying since.  You can tell he wants out, but he will get used to being indoors and being loved.  They all do.  He had no business on Parsells Avenue where two houses down lives Lisa, the crazy woman who abuses cats.  As I picked up the last trap yesterday - and by now it was daylight, I drove past her house and she was out front, bending over doing something, and for all the world to see, half her butt.  If you want to know more about Lisa, do a search for Lisa on the search bar above.  Boy have I got stories.

The kittens.  Uggh.  So a woman who is expert at getting kittens and their mom in the wild went out there, apparently after the poor woman was sandbagging due to flooding near the lake, and wound up - and I am not clear on this - but baby kittens were in carrier and hoping for momma to go in, and in she went and out she went with baby in her mouth.  So three kittens are rescued, and being bottle fed, and the fourth and mom are missing.  But they (she and GRASP) are not giving up.  Thank God.  I will keep you posted.

Meanwhile, later in the day yesterday, I received a phone call from a woman who said she was referred to me by a rescue group.  Hey, I am a one man band.  I have my hands so full I ask people to help me out with everything!  Regardless, I listened to this woman as she told me about a mother cat having babies under her deck, and how she needed to trap mom and have her fixed.  I offered her one of my spots at the clinic but asked her to please call her self and ask if she can get one in the meantime.  She has been feeding Momma in a trap that has been rigged to stay open and I told her that was perfect because the night before the surgery she can then set it and kitty would be set in the trap.  She was worried about kittens following in after mom and getting crushed.  I told her it would likely not happen.  about the kittens and mother. She thanked me profusely as she said she finally felt better about the situation.  

That was my day.  Pierre will go off to foster today, little Carter was neutered, tested negative, given his shots, and is good to go.  Foster for Bunny will trade for Carter and Bunny will go to my other foster Jen and her family.  Foster Melissa will care for Carter to socialize him a bit more, although as of today, he is PERFECT.  He isn't even flinching when I go into the spare room now.  PERFECT.  I LOVE HIM ALREADY.

Thats it for now.

Have a great day.

"The reason I dedicate myself
to helping animals so much...
is because there are already
so many people dedicated
to hurting them."


  1. WOW!!! Bunny, Carter and Pierre all in about one week! I am SO thankful to your fosters - they are truly amazing and generous people.. It's no small commitment to foster an adult cat and they just keep saying yes. THANK YOU FOSTERS!! Look what can be done when people work :)together.

  2. Bless the fosters who keep opening their hearts and their homes.

  3. Thank you thank you Janine and Kim for keeping little Pierre! He plucked at my heartstrings for some reason and I am so glad you decided to keep him! Now I would just LOVE to hear how a cat meows with a French accent!!!
    But what will become of the cat under the womans deck's kittens? If they are still young which it sounds like, now would be the time to try to get another group to take them so they dont become feral.

  4. Pierre looks like a sweet boy and he'll be beautiful once he fattens up. Thank God for your foster moms and dads!