Wednesday, May 24, 2017


All's quiet on the home front.

The two cats I trapped yesterday.  Blackie was a sweetheart, it was very hard to let him go.  Black male cats tend to be the sweetest things ever, and I have a feeling he would make someone a good pet.  I found out during the day that the red kitty was a currently lactating female.  My heart sank hearing this.  Not sank, it died.  Knowing this little one was away from its kittens, if they were even alive made me sick, but not only that, my foster buddy offered to foster Red just before I was told this news after the clinic called me at work.  It was a very difficult decision, but I knew I had to release her.  I pretty much immediately did after she was brought back from the clinic.  I waited until around 7, yes, past my bedtime!, and brought her to the spot where I trapped her and quietly opened the carrier door for her and she sprang.  I did not see her this morning.  I did see Blackie.

Now for some kitten cuteness from the first batch of kittens.  They are being fostered by an obviously talented photographer!  I need Jennifer at my house for my little clan, and my sister's at her house for her little clan!~  They just won't pose for me!!!

Have a great day.

A Kitten
by Eleanor Farjeon

He's nothing much but fur
And two round eyes of blue,
He has a giant purr
And a midget mew.
He darts and pats the air,
He starts and cocks his ear,
When there is nothing there
For him to see and hear.
He runs around in rings,
But why we cannot tell;
With sideways leaps he springs
At things invisible -
Then half-way through a leap
His startled eyeballs close,
And he drops off to sleep With one paw on his nose.


  1. the photos of the kittens are INSANELY cute! And look at Tiggy's eye! I pray it will heal completely. Is it possible to have the female you released today fostered in a couple of months to get her off the street? Also, any idea where her kittens are? Let's not write her off yet ( I know you haven't). :)

  2. will say a prayer tonight for the lactating kitty... you are a soldier Janine in a very difficult prolonged war