Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Hump Day!

Quiet out there this morning.  A beautiful summer-like day it will be.  There is a crew of guys that are letting the water out (?) of the hydrants around the Central Park area.  I've seen them on different corners the past five or so mornings.  At first I thought 'they must think i am this crazy person' after I am sure witnessing me getting out of the Jeep with water jug and bag of something in my hand going to the back of darkened lots.  But when they see some of the cats running toward me they must have figured it out by now.  Hi, my name is Janine, and I am a cat feeder.  :)  I do look a bit crazy - there are cars constantly going by as I am going behind a house, or a building, or pile of tires at 4 am.  They must either think I need to use the restroom, or they've figured out I am feeding cats.  Whatever.

Kitten Update:

The little tiger kitten is named, but we've forgotten, has a bad eye.  Prayers for the little guy.  Doctor thought if ulcer, no steroids, so just warm compresses - but after three days, steroid drops were prescribed so that we can see the eye - as he has not opened it yet.  Poor baby.  We pray he will be OK.  The others are as rambunctious and sweet as can be.  Thanks again to Kristin's mom for spoiling them.  I will be taking them back this weekend.  They will be a joy to have.

Blossom, the kitty I rescued yesterday, was spayed, tested, and all up to date with shots, and is going to Melissa's for fostering today (although she doesn't know its today!  :) )  I must get some order in this house, and with Carter still here, I am a bit crazy.  Carter will go to his new home Friday.  Blossom is a sweetheart.  She was scared at first, but now head butts my hand for pats.  Hasn't quite sat still on my lap, but hopefully that will come.  She is BEAUTIFUL.  Gorgeous colors - she has a little red or something going on in her hind leg area!

Have a great day!

"Choose to be optimistic.  It feels better."


  1. If those guys are Water Bureau (they should have shirts or coats on with City logos and have a City truck) then they are flushing the hydrants. I didnt know they did that at 4 a.m.!!! I'll be they DO think youre crazy!!!
    Carole R.

  2. Look at those little babies all snuggled in! Hope the tiger baby gets better quickly.