Friday, May 5, 2017

Creature Comfort

This morning, as I laid on the couch sipping my coffee and half listening to the news - I love the show World Wide News on ABC, some hard news, but mostly light, fun stuff.  Love the anchors.  They are only on at the ungodly hour of 2:30 to 4 am.  That's when I DRAG myself out the door to head out in whatever weather condition we are experiencing here in Rochester.  This morning it was rain.  And a light wind.  It wasn't raining heavily, but it was enough to get myself soaked.  I have a light jacket with a hood, although its not rainproof.  But its my favorite jacket because it has zippered pockets on the side, where one side can hold my phone, and the other can hold three cans to be exact, of wet food.  On top of the six large yogurt sized containers filled with wet food each morning, I go through another 12 cans.  So the pockets are handy. 

The rain let up a bit by the time I got to the mailbox kitties, but I was soaked by then.  You see, most of my shelters are under trees, and when it rains, the moisture is built up in the leaves and such, and when I am standing under, bending down to pour the food and water, it just gushes down onto my back, and head.  Like waterboarding torture.  Miserable.

But think of the cats out there, miserable.  I got this shot of kitty on Central near Fifth who last winter I mentioned was very sick, but I couldn't trap him, he just wouldn't go in.  He's the black and white.  He has been waiting for me each morning lately and is coming very close, but he is still sick.  His tongue is out of his mouth, and he is still drooling.  Here is his picture.  I am trying to slip in medicine for him but he got scared off this morning when I tried to shoo off the young raccoon standing right behind him.  I could have touched his nose with my finger he was so close.  So one of them will get a dose of Clavamox this morning, whether they need it or not, but most likely they could all use a dose of antibiotics.  This weather is terrible, especially for cats with FIV out there.  But I will get the little guy eventually.

Its the weekend, and boy am I looking forward to it.  I had a group of people wanting to help paint some flowers and such on the two large dog house-turned cat shelters on Baldwin and Grand but the weather is uncooperative this weekend, lots of flooding in our area.  We will post pone to another date soon.

Little Bunny is doing well!  We need to find her a home now!  Check out this adorable video of her!

I now have a kitten under my fold named Maddie.  My niece was acquainted with someone who was going to bring a kitten to Lollipop and Brenna interceded and brought it home.  I will get the baby vetted and adopted out.  Maddy is absoluately adorable.  Meanwhile, Brenna will find out if they person has any of the other kittens that most likely were born, and where this new mother is.  She needs to be spayed.  Check out this adorable video of her!  (we think its a her)

That's it for me!

Have a great day!

There are those in my life who are suffering physically and emotionally - this is for them.  May they find comfort and healing today:

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