Monday, May 22, 2017


Lots of pictures today - be sure to click on them to ZOOM in!  

CARTER in new mom's lap
So Friday morning started out sad, as I wrote about in my last post.  The mother cat and her kittens found in a cooler bag – all five kittens died.  The plus side of this was that Carter was going to be adopted today by a wonderful family.  With a heavy heart, I drove him out to Farmington, all the while with him crying in the carrier.  Keep in mind, he was still fearful of humans, hiding when I went into the bathroom each time and having to pull him out from behind the toilet, but once in my arms, he would melt, and become a purrball of love.  I kept telling him on the drive there that all was good, he was going to have a wonderful life ahead of him, and love his new parents.  He didn’t believe me, of course, but I knew it well.

Once there, after placing him in a small room there was no where to hide, of course he found a place to hide anyway, under a tiny crawlspace under a desk.  How these cats contort their bodies, its crazy!  After I finally left, with a heavy heart, I began to get reports that he was coming out for his new mom, Myrna, and I began to feel better.  Reports as of today are much better, and he is loved immensely!

Destiny w/Posie, Toesie, Rosie and Bear

Destiny w/Bear, Rosie, Toesie, Taco
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I decided to move DESTINY (yes, I have given new mommy a new name) into the bathroom now that Carter was out.  She needed more room than being in the cage she was in trying to nurse her little ones before they passed.  I has received a call that morning saying that a girl in Ontario had found some kittens – four – and couldn’t care for them as she had so many jobs and she just couldn’t bottle feed them every two hours.  Of course I couldn’t say no – the REAL rescue groups are INUNDATED with kittens right now.  I knew they wouldn’t be able to take them, so I didn’t bother to reach out to them like I normally would.  In the ‘old days’, I wouldn’t even consider taking in kittens – I would tell them they would need to take them to Lollipop.  But things change over time I guess.  So around 4 pm, with Destiny in the bathroom with a gate up so she could have interaction with the other cats, and not feel so isolated, the girl arrived with a carrier of four baby kittens inside.  All screaming their tiny little heads off…  Well, I turned around and saw Destiny clawing at the gate, crying.    It was an unbelievable sight for sure.  I grabbed the carrier, went into the bathroom, took kittens out one by one, and Destiny layed down and each kitten took to a nipple, and the rest is history!

Yesterday, a friend referred ME to a friend (groan)..who had a week old kitten that was found somewhere on Lyell Avenue.  I raced over in the morning to grab kitten and raced back to place her with mommy, and baby immediately took to her milk.   I named kitten Taco.  Taco is very tiny, and I am praying she is getting enough milk from mom.   Taco won’t use the bottle or syringe I am trying to use with formula as supplement. The others are larger than her, and fighting for the milk also.  I have a girl on standby to help baby take the bottle.

I’ve named these sets of kittens:  Toesie, Rosie, Posie and Bear. 

MORE news…  So the four kittens from Garson Avenue – TJ (from Thomas Jefferson HS), Teddy and Tiggy (whose eye is looking better, but not completely), Sugar and Spice, who have been fostered by Kristin’s mom all last week, all came back to me yesterday, and they were driven to foster family Costello, who have two young girls that can give them lots of attention and socialization.  Thank God, phew!  Meanwhile, Kristin has a co-worker at school who lives in a trailer park in Holley, and they found four kittens under a lilac tree while gardening.  They called her yesterday and she called me.  I told her I would find someone for her to take the kittens.  My sister.  Thank God for her too.  She immediately said yes.  So here comes Kristin, back with four MORE kittens.  And off they go to my sister.  These four will not need to be bottle fed.  They will be on a slurry for now – baby food and KMR kitten milk replacement.  Tiny little things.

Gorgeous.  All of them.  Speaking of this, I am having a hard time grasping why people fight over the exceptional looking kittens.  They are all beautiful.  I really don’t understand.  That’s all I will say on that, as sooner or later, I need to get all fourteen kittens adopted.

Bunny update tomorrow.

Blossom update tomorrow.

Pierre update tomorrow!

Maddie update tomorrow.

Gotta run!

Have a great day!


  1. What a weekend Huh???? xoxoxoxox

  2. amazing.. I was excited to see the update..sending some money

  3. Wow that is so awesome that Destiny took over feeding those orphan kittens ! Maybe someone up above knew you would need help and sent her to your house to help with some of the kittens. Someone knows about all the good things you do and found a way to help you out !

  4. Thank God for you and your fosters for taking these precious babies! What a sweetie Destiny is. I hope she can help Taco get the mother's milk he needs.

    Looking forward to the updates on the big kitties and Maddie!

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