Tuesday, May 9, 2017

TNR Tuesday

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Well, my morning did not start off great.  I got a note from a girl that has been working on my website - one of four girls that are doing this project for their class for the University of Buffalo!  Great girls, and so grateful to them for doing this.  One of them has a brother who just discovered these four babies this morning in his back yard.  Apparently mom is there too, but was spooked when she saw him.  I don’t think she is feral.  Since then, I’ve fed 100 cats, tried to trap two cats in the span of two hours, moving two traps around to four different locations, with only one successful trap, getting that one and Carter ready to go to two different clinics for neutering, meanwhile frantically trying to find help for these kittens.  Many thanks to all that offered their help.  Really.  As flustered and frustrated as I still am, I am glad for those that offer what they can.  Really.  I pray for a happy ending here.  I pray momma does not take them away before they are rescued.

Will keep you posted.

Carter has been whisked off to go from a man, to a she-man.  He will be neutered and tested today.  He has turned into quite the little doll.  I swaddled him in my bathrobe last evening, and brought him to the living room with the rest of the furry gang.  He was bright eyed and bushy tailed.   He was looking around in wonderment.   We sat on couch and he buried his cold little nose into my neck.  When I brought him back to the bathroom, he cried – I think he didn’t want to be left alone again.  You can tell he will be a great little brother to all that encounter him.

Grey Boy from Parsells
Its a very long story with TNR today, I won’t bore you with the details, but suffice it to say – I moved two traps around to four different locations by the time it was all said and done – two hours worth.  Its not easy to feed at 17 locations, and to trap.  Its just not.  Its insane actually.  These cats are just getting smarter and smarter!  Finally, I got one at my first Parsells location.  I’ve said it before, I could place a trap on Parsells at different locations once every hour and probably get a new cat.  Poor baby will be neutered, and set free tomorrow to the streets.  I can’t get em all on my own.  But with help I could!

Thank you to those that called in donations to the clinic.  You helped to pay for these precious angels on the streets.

On a brighter note, from Down Under (Australia), a dear friend of mine, Jen, has this to say about her rescue dog!

From Jen Brown:

Hi Miss USA!

Here's my beautiful rescue dog no.4.  Brady's young family couldn't cope with puppy him and a new baby, so he ended up in a pound aged 10 months.

We'd just lost our no.3 rescue dog & were grieving badly. So when I visited the animal rescue "Oscar" (now Brady) and I bonded.

Renamed Brady after a celebrity radio pal of mine Philip Brady. He talks about him on air frequently

Faithful,loving, clever pooch will be seven in October.

I also loan him out to an elderly friend who's home alone & Brady stays over when he needs company. They adore each other.

Another great four legged pal. 

Brady Brown Dog rocks! 

Have a great day!


  1. Border Collies are the best and the smartest! Great story.
    Carole R.

  2. I think you have opened a black hole for cats on parsells.
    All the cats within several blocks are being sucked over there to be rescued !
    BLACK CAT : "have you heard about THE JANINE ? "
    DIRTY CALICO CAT : "No ! What is it ?"
    BLACK CAT : " something magical is sucking up cats and taking them to a dreamland of warm indoor homes, free food, and HUMANS who love them !"
    DIRTY CALICO CAT : "Dog doo ! I don't believe it !"

  3. Joel, you are a trip. I love reading your comments and stories. When will your book be done? I am going to need two when it is.

  4. Love your storyette Joel!!
    The curious fact of more cats showing up on Parsells is proof of the theory of "vaccuum effects"tho- that if cats are removed from their territory new ones move in-this is typically used as suport of TNR vs trap and KILL of feral cats which of course is not the case here- but it proves vaccuum effect nonetheless!
    Carole R.

  5. Thanks all !
    As a matter of fact, I plan on publishing a book of my cat stories in time to be for sale (something cheap like $5.00 ) at this years Meow and Chow fundraiser out in Rush !
    I plan on donating all proceeds from any sales straight to mis J.