Monday, May 8, 2017

Another Rescue!

What a wet and rainy weekend.  We humans endure but its horrible for the cats.  The cats that are left on Parsells – I’ve created a bare minimum shelter for them under the bushes at the house next door to where we/they were booted from a month ago.  I have a board under, and a board over, with two Styrofoam boxes on each side.  There the food is somewhat protected from getting soaked, but only one or two cats can squeeze under there to eat, so now I’ve made another set up exactly like this but in the bush next to it.  I pray they are using these tiny shelters to get out of the rain and cold.  I pray that the owner of this house has some compassion if or when he ever finds these in front of his house.

I sent the man who lives on Central and Second a thank you card with a gift certificate the other day.  It’s the least I can do for him.  Anyone in this part of town that allows me this kind of access to their property for cats is a saint in my eyes.  I wish I could do more.  Would love to have a group of people extend a hand to him, with what ever he needs.  Its this kind of kindness that makes the world go around, really!

Sunday morning, I got this very location, and saw the usual suspects.  And this little fluffy unneutered boy that I have been planning on getting neutered, and rescued, happened to be eating under the mailbox after I poured some yummy food for him, and he actually stood there in front of me long enough for me to grab him by the scruff and place him in the carrier!  Can you believe it?  I had no intention of it, but I couldn’t miss this chance I had.    He was totally frightened when I first opened the carrier door in the bathroom yesterday morning, as he has never been inside a house.  Today, he still is scared, but this little scared nugget has allowed me to kiss him and cuddle him and hold him like a baby at this point.  I even had him on his back in my lap scratching and rubbing his belly, to which I received a resounding PURR.  He is going to take a bit of time I think, and will probably trade him with Bunny’s foster as she is the cat whisperer.  IF anyone can get a cat from feral or semi feral, its her.  I had named him Christopher, but am now changing it to Carter.  It seems to fit him better!  Just think, Carter went from living here:

and living in these conditions:

to this!

(picture taken in my tub, and resized!  its a PERFECT picture!)

Isn't he gorgeous!

So now to find a foster for Bunny.  Foster?  What am I saying, we need to get Bunny adopted!!  Who can resist this face?

I must total how many cats I’ve rescued this year.  Its an insane amount, but I am so grateful.  Without fosters, I just couldn’t do it.  I am still waiting on a picture from my sister who is fostering Maddie, the little kitten of whose video I posted on Friday.  So adorable.  She is so tiny, not yet ready for spaying.  I do have someone interested in her, so fingers crossed for this person’s patience!

Another kitty is now under my radar.  She is at the auto garage on Bay Street.  Starving. So much so that she came right up to me, as scared as she was, to gobble food.  She is gorgeous (yes, I did reach back 'there' to find out the sex!)

I must get Carter out so that I can get this beauty in!  Any fosters out there???

Have a nice day!

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  1. Carter's livin' the life now! Hopefully the kitties left on the streets will have a better week too since it's not supposed to rain much. The ground is so saturated now!