Thursday, May 25, 2017


SOAKED to the Bone.
Miserable out there this morning.  Steady pouring rain.  I was soaked by the third spot.  And I knew I had at least 14 more to go.  I hurried and finished up in one hour.  Every item of clothing was drenched, and I mean EVERY item.

There is not a lot to report when you are running to your shelters because of the rain to pour food and water down, and shake a few towels out.  You say hello to whoever is brave enough to come to the dryness underneath the boards, or come out of the shelters.  There weren't many to be seen.

Back at the ranch, I am trying to wean the four kittens I have so that Taco can get more milk from mom, because he really doesn't like the bottle or dropper I am trying to supplement him with.  Mom is getting bored too.  She wants to move around more. I am glad I made the decision to move her into my office.  She has a window perch she can sit on, but hasn't stayed on too long - she is very concerned about the babies who cry when she is not there.

I am obsessed with these kittens.  I came home from work yesterday and just sat and played with them.  Here are some pics!







Little Taco finally has both eyes open.  I am thinking he is just close to two weeks now.  The other four are close to four weeks, and are just starting to play with each other, and rolling around.  No teeth yet, but their little gums sure are strong when they are trying to nibble your finger!  The kittens my sister has - Ben, Jerry, Mike and Ike - are about 5 weeks, and same with the ones Jennifer is fostering - Spice, Sugar, Tiggy, Teddy and TJ.  Maddie was spayed on Tuesday.  She is doing great. She is about 8 weeks old, according to what the vet calculated.

I took these two pics of Taco this morning, but of course, they are either always moving, or my phone camera is not the best.  Here is Taco sleeping on his brother Rosie (yes - BROTHER Rosie - I had a look this morning, and I THINK they are all boys!)

And Taco stretching!  He is so much tinier than his brothers.

That's it for now.  I have the day off tomorrow, and boy do I need it.  PS, everyone knows that I will not adopt out a cat to you if you allow kitty outdoors.   There are so many dangers out there.   I found this article interesting with suggestions on how to keep your loved one content and happy.

Give Him Some Space
Everyone needs a little spot they can call their own. Create a convenient resting area in your home especially for your cat that provides him with privacy. Makes sure it is located where others cannot sneak up on him. Having his own space will help make him feel safe and secure, while also fostering his strong sense of independence. It doesn't have to be elaborate; a crate makes an excellent resting spot, or you can provide him with an elevated perch so he can feel safe as he looks down on his surroundings.
Add Toys
Many cats love to play, which means they need plenty of toys to play with! Every indoor cat should have toys for batting around, toys for chasing and toys to hide inside. But some of the most enjoyable toys for both people and their cats are interactive toys, such as food puzzles or laser pointers (just be careful not to aim it in his eyes). And if your kitty playmate happens to go crazy for catnip, lots of toys come with it stuffed inside for an added treat.
Go Green
Speaking of catnip, most pet and garden stores carry the potted variety. If your cat likes to nibble on plants, catnip is way more enjoyable than your houseplants, and safer too
Let Him Scratch
If you are a cat owner, chances are you have claw marks on something in your home. Cats tend to love to scratch; it is a natural behavior they engage in to mark their territory, keep their claws in shape and stretch their bodies. Help keep your cat from shredding your sofa by providing him with multiple scratching surfaces. Some kitties like vertical surfaces and others may prefer scratching horizontally. Try varying the scratching material, too. Sisal rope, carpet and cardboard are a few you can try.
Channel His Inner Huntsman
While the thought of having all of your meals prepared and served to you might sound appealing, your feline friend doesn't necessarily agree. Cats are predatory by nature, so help your kitty fulfill his hunting fantasies by providing him with prey-like toys (think wands with feathers and fast-moving furry toys that mimic mice). Then sit back and watch him stalk and hunt like the tiger he knows he really is!
Go Wild With Perches and Climbing Systems
Consider how cats live in the wild when creating your cat's indoor environment. Outdoor cats can be seen climbing trees, running along fences or sitting in high places so they can keep on eye on their territory. You can mimic these conditions by simply moving furniture around or by investing in window perches, cat trees and climbing systems
Provide a Room With a View
 Make sure to open the shades on a few windows in your house so your cat can observe the outdoor goings-on. You can even install a bird feeder or two outside for a little added visual stimulation. If window watching isn't a possibility, try a TV. There are some companies that offer DVDs especially for cats.
Head Outdoors — Safely
If you still feel like your kitty needs some outdoor time, there are ways to provide it safely and securely. Try training him to walk on a leash. We know it sounds impossible, but it's not necessarily as hard as you may think. There are special cat harnesses specifically made for this purpose. And if you're so inclined, build a custom "catio," which is an enclosed patio designed to allow cats to safely spend time outside. But before you venture outside, check with your veterinarian to see if your cat needs additional vaccinations or parasite control.
Spend Some Quality Time Together

Most importantly, be sure to treat your kitty to a lot of one-on-one time with you. Whether it's playing, petting, grooming or just hanging out, your cat will be happy he's spending time with you.

Have a great day!

"How strange
to see the wrinkles
on the sides of my eyes
and getting deeper
the older I get.
I laugh.  A lot.
This is the proof
and they
are my scars
of happiness."


  1. Love the kitten pics J !
    Love the pic of you in the raincoat too.
    Did you find one that would keep you dry ?
    Gander mountain is going out of business at the Henrietta store.
    Try to get over there and see if they have a nice goretex rain jacket that would fit you.
    Cheap !

  2. Every day she goes out there, being the responsible one, the reliable one.. the loving one...god bless you in your work and passion Janine.