Tuesday, May 30, 2017

TNR Tuesday

Where do I begin?  Let me count the ways.....  ummm 15? 

Its been a helluva weekend.  A longggggg one at that.  I am not complaining.  I love kittens, but this could NEVER be my full time job.  Its just too much.  I have five kittens and a nursing mother under my wing - Rosie, Toesie Posie, Bear and Taco - momma Destiny.

Friend Jenn has Spice, Sugar, Teddy, Tiggy, and TJ.  Sugar and Teddy came down with little colds, so off they went on Friday to the vet, along with my little group, to be given two different antibiotics and their first deworming.

My sister has Maddie, Mike, Ike, Ben and Jerry.  Maddie has been spayed - just last week.  The boys all were dewormed.  Jenn's brood, and sister's brood, are all four weeks.  Mine are three weeks, and Taco is two weeks old.

I had all 15 kittens on my porch (minus Taco and Mom) on Saturday for a kitten event for two hours.  It was a madhouse, to me.  I won't be doing that anytime soon.  From now on, it will be one person at a time - although that is difficult for me because I CHERISH my time, and having to sit and talk about kittens is just not something I enjoy doing.  After working a 40 hour week, my weekends are choc full of house stuff, organizing my business (feeding and rescuing ADULT cats normally), and keeping track of the monies, and what I spend, etc.

Seven of the 15 are confirmed - there are many more waiting to scoop the rest up.  Out of the potential adopters, two are taking two each, and one is also considering two but hasn't picked them out yet.  Wait, another woman is picking out two also. 🐾

Who am I missing?  Oh, Maddie, Taco and Destiny.

I have to say, and I didn't say yesterday in a post on Facebook about two particular kittens going together, that I've never seen grown up women post about two kittens staying together like they did in my life.  Many people voiced strong opinions that two of these kittens MUST go together.  I don't want to hurt or offend or make anyone mad.  So I kept quiet.  But not on my blog.  :)  I get to say whatever I like on my blog.

Sugar is being adopted by the most kindest woman...  She fell in love with him way before Saturday, and when she arrived Saturday, she sat amidst the chaos around her with Sugar in her lap and gently loved him right then and there.  In the meantime, Teddy was also in someone's mind before meeting, a woman who is also a true blue wonderful woman.  She came with her beautifully well mannered children, on their way to church, and fell so head over heals in love with him on sight, that the little girl nearly cried because she had to leave him.  Teddy's perspective mom is also considering Tiggy as a second kitten. 



Keep in mind everyone, this happened to be a lovely shot of two kittens together, but behind the scenes, those two same kittens are lovingly curled up with the others also.  And kittens could care less to be honest - they just love playing, sleeping and eating.  They are not going to know the difference.  So I am sorry to disappoint anyone - in a perfect world, I would love for all siblings to stay together, but its not a perfect world.  Kittens are being born hourly, dying, being torn apart from their mothers, pregnant females are being allowed to have their kittens because of human morals of what's right and wrong when it comes to 'abortion'.   People are still buying purebred cats!  I've seen tragedy - and joy - in this journey since I've had kittens from FIVE litters.  All kittens were orphaned.  This doesn't have to be if we only spay and neuter!

These kittens are going to grow up, without or without their siblings, wonderfully happy and spoiled.  No doubt.  So please friends, don't be mad at me.  I am doing the best I can!  😄😥

This morning, I set FOUR traps, one at a woman named 'Sally's' house - 'Sally' reached out to me years ago thanks to a rescue group referring her to me ....  this woman, who now calls me 10 times a day and really, after all this time, I've realized that she has a very mean streak.  And I've put up with it.  But recently, after sending her flowers for her birthday ($60+), I found out by another woman who has had contact with 'Sally', that she threw those flowers away because she was mad at me for something.  'Sally' has mental instability but her meds keep her somewhat under control.  I have always felt sorry for her because I believe she is a very lonely woman.  No real family around, and does not drive.  Lives in the hood.  Loves cats though, so I've always tried to help her out.  Regardless, I've just about had it with her for a variety of reasons - but its hard for me to be mean, and cut her off completely, but our relationship has changed especially since finding out about her talking about me behind my back, and the flower bit a month ago.  Anyway, she still calls, and this time there was a cat fight in front of her house, and this 'nice' red kitty hanging around is injured.  She asked if I could trap, and use up one of my appointments I have at the clinic (she doesn't know I have them for sure, but she asked).... I set a trap there this morning at 4, and by 5:30, had to wrap it up - no luck.  I set a trap on Garson for the momma of Spice, Sugar, Teddy and Tiggy, but no luck.  I set a trap at my first Parsells location, and not only did I trap one previous TNR, but after setting her free, I got another previous TNR.  Went back to the third Parsells location, near Webster, where I let the lactating female go last week, and lo and behold, meet Piccassi.   She is pretty.  Lets see if she's been a mom or not.  She will be spayed today, spend the night on my porch, and I will have to let her back out tomorrow.   She's a bit wild, so no ideas... you know who.  :)  There are SO MANY waiting for me to scoop them up!


Blossom went to her new home on Sunday.  WHAT A GREAT HOME SHE WENT TO!  More tomorrow, this post is TOO long!

Have a good day!

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  1. Love you Janine. Thank you for caring so completely for these wonderful cats.

  2. You can use the liquid wormer that I sent you the whole bottle of (pyrantel pamoate) for these kittens too. It is the exact same thing the vets use. Shake well. 1/10 ml per pound for kittens OR adults.
    Carole R.

  3. Hey J !
    You're posts are NEVER too long for me.
    I love reading about your adventures every single day.
    I have gone back through all your old blog posts from past years also.
    Keep up the great work and keep telling us all about it !
    I don't care if the kittens get adopted in pairs or separately.
    All I care is that they find loving homes as they deserve.
    Don't forget that when things slow down and you want a break from writing I have more guardian angel stories waiting in the wings .....

  4. Janine your a wonder!

  5. Sally sounds like a real handful. I would try to avoid her as much as possible. She sounds like an energy-sucker who if you give her an inch she will take a mile. Harsh, I know, but you need to preserve your sanity!!

  6. We are all Mike talk in our house. Brett fell in love with him and can't wait to bring him home. It was a madhouse on Saturday, but it was nice seeing all the kittens. We even choose differently than I thought we would.