Wednesday, May 3, 2017


Another rescue!

Meet Bunny!

When I rescue a cat, unless someone offers to foster, its usually under one of two circumstances.  Its either they are very sick, or they just run up to me and say ‘take me’, like many kittens have so far this year (Saroo comes to mind).  If neither of those two, its because someone offers to foster.  That is what happened yesterday.  I trapped two cats.  They both look sweet, but both were going to the clinic to be spayed or neutered, ear-tipped, treated for fleas/mites, given rabies and distemper shots, ear-tipped, and then brought home to spend the night in the trap and out they go in the morning, back to the street, much to my dismay.  But with this offer of fostering, I had to trust my gut and see if the calico would be adoptable.  I had the clinic switch her out into a carrier instead of a trap to bring home, and placed the carrier in my bathroom.  It took an hour or so before I opened the carrier door because 1) I didn’t know her temperament, and 2) she was heavily drugged from the surgery.  She was very wobbly.  I reached in to touch her nose, which was all she would let me do.  I am always frightened of getting bit, so I am very wary also.

I opened up the carrier door and she came out very nervous, nearly falling over, and pacing back and forth, trying to hide.  I picked her up gently and she didn’t fight me.  OK, good so far.  Finally, it was off to bed for me, and out went the lights for her.  This morning, at 2:15 am., getting up a bit earlier so I could spend some time with her, AND check on my charge on the porch, poor boy – he was treated for severe upper respiratory at the clinic and had labored breathing, but was given Convenia AND penicillin so hopefully that did the trick, I went in the bathroom, and there she sat on the ledge of the window, and didn’t make a move.  I went over to her quietly and began to pet her.  Then the purring began.  I KNEW this was the right move.  One I wouldn’t normally take if it weren’t for my kind friend Melissa offering to take her!

Since that moment – she has been non stop on my lap and purring and headbutting me.  She is a beauty.  She is also missing most of her tail.  I don’t know how that happened, but she is still a fluffy beauty regardless.   She tested negative for disease, and also was a post-partum kitty, which means she was a mommy at one point.  God knows what happened to her babies…  L

I named her Bunny, as I try to name the cats I rescue from the first letter of the street they are rescued from!  And Bunny seemed to fit her.  If only these cats could tell their stories, I am sure they would be heart-breakers.  I whispered in Bunny’s ear that she was safe and warm now, and would never have to spend her days waiting on a pile of dirty tires next to the auto garage, for me to come feed her and another black cat and a red cat. 

There are so many out there just waiting for a Melissa or a Kim or a Jenn to offer to get them off the streets and into warm and loving homes for fostering before adoption - to get them acclimated from being on the streets.  Please consider!

Have a great day!

"I don't judge others.
I don't hate.
I don't discriminate.
I don't care about money.
I don't hold grudges.
I DO know how to love
unconditionally and that's
all I want in return.

I wait for you every day.
I am your fur-ever friend."


  1. I sm so glad she is such a love and do beautiful. She will be an awesome fur-ever baby for some very lucky family.

  2. WOW !
    I love Bunny's face !
    If I didn't have two cats already Id be in your driveway with a carrier saying Bunny's coming home with me !

  3. She is so precious. That pink nose is just the cutest!