Monday, April 10, 2017



The weekend WAS a whirlwind.  Friday morning started out for me toting two carriers, and two traps in the Jeep.  And lots of smelly mackerel.   My morning route of 17 locations would include me trying to get at least four cats, two of whom I was hoping would be the friendly ones that Hearthside Cats offered to take if I could get them.  All of these cats at the Parsells location where the man who owns the place, is renovating in hopes of someone moving in SOON.  He granted me access to the porch until Sunday.  Yesterday.  So up on the porch I go, two carriers, and food and water, and sure enough, two little lovelies scooted up to me, and one by one, I grabbed by the scruff and placed them gently into each carrier.  I then set up the traps, and drove off.  Meanwhile, my heart is racing, and surely the blood pressure meter is soaring.

I go off and finish up the Front Nine, and then saunter back to find a cat in a trap.  Grab and go.  Off I go to finish up the  Back Nine - hating to leave the trap alone that long, but I did, and when I came back from feeding all the other kitties at the 10 or so other locations, there was another kitty in the trap.  Four cats total.  Off the two went - Parker and Prince - to Hearthside for a while until they are vetted (both I had already neutered) and adopted out.  These two will never have to suffer or be hungry again.

PRINCE (once a feral cat)


Prince with Ashley!


Thank you Ashley from Hearthside for taking a chance on these babes!!!!  XO

The other two went to a barn out in Mendon where I pray they are thriving, with a ton of food at their disposal, and other kitties to play with.  No more streets for them.



Saturday morning, two other gals (and I hope they don't mind me saying their name on this blog!), Karla and Jennifer drove into the city at 5 am. to help me.  They set up a drop trap at Parsells.  Meanwhile, I had come out at 3:30 a.m. and set up three traps!  I repeated the same thing as the prior morning, and BOOM!  I got two before the girls got there.  After finishing up my rounds, I drove back to Parsells to wait it out.  BOOM!  They got a kitty!   They also had another in the trap but unfortunately, the little one got away. 

We will try again this coming Saturday, assuming this man that owns the house will extend his 'generosity.'  THANK YOU KARLA AND JENNIFER FOR YOUR HELP!

Not only that .....  I rescued a cat from Parsells again this morning!  MEET PRINGLES! 

Sweet young boy - unneutered - need to get him vetted, fostered and adopted!  Isn't he adorable???

Pringles just would NOT cooperate for this photo shoot!


Topper, who was Marky Mark when I trapped him last Tuesday, is doing great with his foster mom!


Springer, who was Picasso when I trapped him last Tuesday, went to his foster house yesterday.  What a love, both of them!

That's TEN cats in one week!  Woo hoo!!!

Have a great day!


  1. Ten ?
    Holy crap !
    Is that a record ?
    Great work !

  2. Janine,

    You are AWESOME Cat Angel! All your hard work is definitely making a Huge difference in the lives of so many abandoned and neglected felines. You never cease to amaze me on how you get back up after being knocked down. No doubt you are an inspiration to many people. Thank you very much for all your daily sacrifices. Lastly, thank you very much Karla and Jennifer for helping Janine. You all did an Excellent job this weekend and deserve praise.

    Walt & Karon Simoni

  3. Great job Janine! I hope this man will let you continue to feed there this week so the cats will still be waiting for you there so you can get the rest!

  4. You are a superwoman and a force of nature! Good thing you use your powers for good... ;) Ten cats must be a record for you. Thank you Karla and Jennifer for helping Janine and the cats! I'm praying you'll be able to get the rest of them soon.