Tuesday, April 4, 2017

TNR Tuesday!

Rain.  Those poor worms.  We step on them and drive over them.  We can't help ourselves in the dark.

Today was trapping day.  I woke in the middle of the night to the sound of pouring rain hitting the skylight above me.  I dreaded it, absolutely dreaded starting the day.  I hate rain.  More than snow, more than ....  painting or washing windows.   I knew my plans had to change because I would have to set the traps somewhere with a roof overhead so the food wouldn't get soaked, and chances of a cat coming out in pouring rain are next to nil.  So I set the first trap at my first Melville stop, and drove off - setting my second trap at my first Parsells stop.  Drove off to do all my other locations at the 'first nine.'

I am only able to trap two cats a week.  This costs me $120 total - out of my own pocket.  That's $120 a week times two for the rest of the summer.  If I had a calculator, or a brain, I would add that up.  But its a LOT.  The clinic advised they are not able to accommodate me for the month of April, but beginning in May, I have two spots there per week.  Its imperative to me that TNR is done, because we have to prevent more cats being born, and homeless on the streets.  Its imperative that these cats are vaccinated, and checked out in case of infections and wounds.   I really need more help!

Here are the two I got this morning.   Picasso cries, which means to me that he is not feral.  Marky Mark didn't flail around his trap, which means to me he is also not feral.  I feel so sad about these guys, but I told them all would be OK today.  When they get 'home', they will have a feast waiting for them.  And then I will have to return them to the wild streets of Rochester.  I hate it.

MARKY MARK from Melville

PICASSO from Parsells

Make it a great day.

"The weak fall but the strong will remain
and never go under."


  1. I wish that there was a place for every TNR so that it could be TNFA (Trap-neuter-foster-adopt). I know how heartbreaking it is for you to release these innocent cats back onto the mean streets. But take solace in knowing how many thousands of kittens you are saving from being born into the same sad life. And take solace in knowing how many you DO rescue and adopt. You are using your life to make a huge difference in your corner of the world.

  2. Might I suggest you ask the clinic to call you with cancellation spots in April. They always have people who call the day before to cancel, and even that night or morning because they couldnt catch their cats. By May they will all have had their kittens!
    Carole R.

  3. How about some kind of go fund me ? If I set one up for you would that work ? Lemme find out.