Monday, April 24, 2017


BECCA:  Puppy found in house with other deceased dogs in raid on Bay Street.
Dog fighting at its finest.  They broke her foot so she couldn't run.
Due to that, her shoulder muscle never developed.  She was due for
amputation, but now has to deal with Parvo.
Please say a prayer for Becca.

I don't even know where to begin.  It was a really crazy weekend.  I take a day off on Friday, I pre-plan it a month ahead, and within that month, I start to make plans.  Like spend the day with my niece Brenna - we do lunch, do a little shopping.  Then I think - 'oh, I can start my spring cleaning, de-clutter, and get rid of a ton of stuff on Saturday and Sunday!  AND, I can sleep in (go back to bed after getting home from morning rounds) TWO mornings instead of just one.  But by the time the actual day of vacation rolls around, within that month long time period, I've obtained at least 10 obligations I must meet. 

Friday morning started with taking two very scared, miserable and hungry ferals to a barn in Marion.  After visiting that wonderful barn they will live in for a couple of weeks before they are allowed to roam the 14 acre property, I drove to visit some friends in Walworth.  After that, I came home to make a wonderful creamy cauliflower soup (cashews made it creamy - Bon Appetit).  Yes, cooking is my sanity.  Then off to meet two old neighbors for a drink at 4.  But before I went in to meet them, I played my messages on my cell phone.  A call from the head of the City Garden Permits.  I called back, and was told that I had to move whatever I had on that property, or the County/City was going to remove it Monday - they needed to bait for rats.  My heart sank, and at that moment, my weekend went south.  I knew the monumental work ahead of me, and I reached out for help.  I knew Saturday Sheryl would be with me, but I needed a truck.  Thanks to a wonderful girl named Terri, she drove in from Mendon at 5 am. Saturday morning to help me.  I was out there at 3:30 am. doing all my feedings, and then came back home at 4:30 to pick up Sheryl, who had just arrived, and then back to this spot to meet Terri.  Two weeks prior, Patti and Todd had delivered some beautiful shelters here and we had cleaned up and set up these wonderful HEAVY shelters for the four kitties that have called this lot home for over 7 years now.  I have fought tooth and nail to keep this spot throughout all these years.  And now I had to remove it all.

I moved them, and will pray they stay where they are for good, but coaxing these four cats would and will be a challenge.  They are so confused.  This morning, two did manage to make their way down to this new location, with me doing the constant kissy sound.  The other two, they stayed back and waited for me to lay a plate of food and bowl of water under the tree near the street.  It looks like someone raked on the left side of the lot.  Perhaps the homeowner next door.  The city or county is supposed to be there today to set rat bait.

On a good note, I found a note taped to the old spot on Second and Central, where the disabled man who owns the property and took all my stuff down last week.  The note said to call him and left a number.  I did, and turns out this man is wonderful.  Disabled, he and his spouse (husband) did what they could on a low income for the cats.  He said inside his gates were shelters and beds and food.  I explained to him the importance of getting these cats spayed and neutered and how important it was for me to gain their trust so that I can trap them, and he understood, and after more conversation, he said I could use a certain corner of his lot.  I nearly cried.  This was certainly my high point in a very dismal weekend.  The next morning, I moved the temporary shelters across the busy street back over to his lot, and begin again the arduous task of getting these cats to trust me again. 

There is so much more I have to say about so many things, but I must get to work.  I can’t forget to tell you about Springer, Topper and Pringles!  More on that tomorrow. 

Have a great day.

"The worst sin towards our fellow creatures is not to hate them, but to be indifferent to them:  that's the essence of inhumanity."


  1. I am literally sick reading about Becca and the situation she came from. Do you have any information on where she is? How can we help her financially? What happened to the low life,scum bags that ran this ring?

  2. Very sad to hear about Becca.
    Very happy to hear about second and central !
    Which corner do you get to use ?

  3. There are some really good people of low income in the city, it's just finding them and convincing them and showing them how to improve their neighborhoods. It takes a community effort and there are always the scum that tend to detract from positive actions taking place. God bless the man at Central and Second. You will be helping each other. I sm also saddened to hear about Becca. We had a wonderful, gentle doberman-rotty (now in doggie heaven) who was abused and rescued from a drug house near Buffalo. He was the sweetest dog. Sure hope Becca recovers and finds a loving home, it will make all the difference, just like the kitties you save from the street.

  4. How wonderful that you have a new safe place on Second and Central! Thank God for them letting you feed cats inside their yard. Let's pray this garden plot situation works out. We saw a rat under our bird feeder today! yuck. He just moved in under our shed. We think the neighbor's compost pile attracts them, but then again, it was eating our bird seed. Who knows. Either way, he's got to go!

  5. Would you please keep us updated on Becca? Is she located at the Rochester Animal Shelter? I have a pit bull I adopted from there three years ago who was involved in animal fighting. They cut off his ears and trained him with a utility glove. His "owners" actually did time. He is the sweetest dog I have ever owned; even my 6 cats like him!