Monday, April 17, 2017

Gone Again...

First off, they did it again.  Another shelter home for homeless cats.  On Central Park.  It was the eccentric man that lives next door.  The address of this man is 290 Central Park.  I am wondering how I can handle this.  This is where what started out to be the Mailbox kitties.  The closer that winter became, the more I knew I had to do something to help protect these cats.  So I began to place shelters under a tarp that hung over half moon stakes that must have once been a garden, several year ago for  sure.  Several times - the blizzard, the windstorm – I had to rebuild as the tarps blew, the weightless Styrofoam boxes blew, and now this.  Everything gone.  I  found my tarps, and all the shelter were piled up in front of his house.  I need to find out who owns this property that is vacant next door.  It is on the corner of Central and Second.  The north side of the street.  I need to find a place for these cats to take shelter in.  Thank God we are in our warm months here in Rochester.

Parker and Prince
Other than that, it was a mellow weekend.  I went out to a wonderful shelter in Avon, called Hearthside Cats.  A girl named Ashley helps to run the place, all strictly volunteers.  I wish she had more help, and I wish Hearthside had a better location.  Its in an old auto shop/garage, and no windows.  The cats are very well taken care of, but I hate to see cats caged.  There is good reason for this, as Ashley pointed out to me as we toured.  I also helped with litter boxes, which was a job in itself.  I wish someone wealthy could donate a house to this wonderful organization.    There is not a lot of activity there, the girls take shifts.  Do cats get lonely?  Do cats miss seeing the outside, from where they came from?  Again, I wish someone would leave their house for this wonderful organization.  Or something similar.  They do such good!  Parker and Prince are in the same cage, and Petals and Petunia are just next to them in separate cages.  I just wanted to take them all home.  

Parsells update:  I have not yet heard from Quentin about the plates I am still leaving on the porch, as no one has moved in yet, obviously, but I know time is ticking.  I counted six cats there waiting for me.  I heard from a man that was willing to help trap and get the kitties to Cornell for free spaying by the students there.  He then said he would take two for his barn.  I also saw a post on Keller's Kats from a woman who offered to take four for her barn, but she has not returned my call. So things are completely up in the air.  Say a prayer.

On Sunday, I had a group show up with beautiful new shelters.  We rebuilt three locations!  Thank you to Patti, Todd, Kristin and Sheryl (who's birthday it is today!).  I will get pictures when I can.  I am so completely grateful for their help.  The shelters that these replaced were terrible.  Those poor animals, shouldn't have had to live in those conditions.  I just didn't know how bad they were.  Again, thanks to Karla, from Keller's Kats, who had the forethought to ask for help for me from her 'fans.'  :)

One note, the Baldwin red kitty that I practically trip over each morning when I feed there, that I tried to rescue way back, and when he got out of the carrier in my bathroom went berserk, like a feral would, has a sound coming from him, the only way I can describe it is that it sounds like a rattle in his chest?  Anyone know what this might be?




Lets get these angels adopted!

That's it for today.  I wish everyone a good day!

"You must be the change you wish to see
in this world."


  1. Hearhside cats used to be run out of a big beautiful home of the founder Victoria. She passed away a few years ago, so it is a blessing her mission is still being carried on and didn't close when her house was sold after she passed. It would fantastic if they could get s better shelter for sure!

  2. The rattle in his chest is more than likely a respiratory infection. Try doxy as soon as possible and even if it helps dont stop for at least 10 days.
    Carole R.