Friday, April 14, 2017

Sponsor a Spay for May!

It was a much quieter morning out there. 

Turns out, the person who was able to take in more kitties for her barn is going away, so trapping this weekend won't work.  We would have needed to take kitties somewhere immediately.  And we trap at 5 am.  Secondly, the only other person helping me trap with a drop trap has plans until the end of month, so I am SOL.  I counted four today still left on Parsells there - a very fluffy young kitty, the old red with white on chest kitty, another tabby young kitty, and the white with tabby markings young kitty.  I did not see the red fluffy one.  Nor the black one.  That's six.  I did leave food, and the guy has not said anything to me yet.  But I can understand the way he sees it also.  I can't be intruding on anyone if they move in.  That's where I stop.  I have to.

Another downer is that I have no TNR spots for the clinic this month.  So many kitties going unneutered in my area of town.  In May, I can start up again.  At $60 a pop.  If anyone would like to help sponsor a spay for May, that would be awesome.  You can call the clinic at 585-288-0600 and ask them to credit my account...  JanineTheBean Rescue, Inc.  Its tax exempt, and you will have prevented many kittens being born.  Win Win!

TOPPER - Adopt Me!

PRINGLES - Adopt Me!

SPENCER - Adopt Me!
All these guys need homes!

Speaking of fosters, I want to wish my friend Melissa a Happy National Foster Day!  She is one of my awesome fosters - out of the three I have faithfully - who takes in my special needs kitties, mostly kittens.  She does wonders getting them acclimated to being indoors - and helping to socialize these soon to be feral kittens if they were not rescued and fostered  by her.  She has done so much good for so many cats.  Melissa wanted to share the following:

"Most people say they won't foster pets because they'll fall in love with it and won't wan t to give it up to an adopter.  But know that your unselfishness will help save the next life - from euthanasia to a sad, short life on the streets.  Please consider fostering for Janine."

Thanks Melissa, for your unselfishness and compassion!  Now lets get Springer adopted!  (Springer has someone interested in him, fingers crossed!)  XO

Speaking of rescue, this little guy above on the right, unneutered, has been allowing me to pet him.  He is next.  I will be able to scruff him and place in carrier, but need either a) a foster, or b) a spot for low cost neuter.  He is GORGEOUS.  Fluffy and gorgeous. 

That's it for today.  WHAT A WEEK!  PS, total cats since a week ago Tuesday...  12?  12 more off the streets!  Woo hoo!

Have a great day!


  1. Just called clinic.
    You got two slots in May.

  2. In the arms of an angel, fly away from here...
    From the cold and dark and hungry streets ...
    In the arms of an angel ...
    May you find some comfort here....
    So glad I can help....

  3. Hey - the photo at the top of the home page - can you tell us which spot that is and who the kitties in the pic are ?
    Thanks !

  4. Janine did you get my message about asking to be put on RCAC's cancellation list for April? They always have cancellations the day or night before !
    Carole R.