Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Its Not All Doom and Gloom!

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I know its been gloomy lately, but its not always like that.  Although I have to say, during these troubled times, for me and the cats, I just want to give up.  If murder were legal...........  oh wait, I shouldn't say that. 

I did receive the dreaded call last evening (and what a way to have a good night's sleep, eh?) that Quentin, the man that bought the house on Parsells and is renovating to have tenants move in, said no longer.  No longer will he allow me to feed the cats on the porch.  I did not answer the phone, like I usually don't if I don't recognize the number, and am glad I didn't.  I don't know what I would have said.

I realized another thing this morning, as I pulled up to Third Street, the stop just before Central and Second, the mailbox kitties...  I realized that I am very bad at defending myself when it comes to the cats.  I sound like an idiot.  For some reason, I cannot get out an intelligent, plausible, reasonable, knowledgeable answer when I am confronted with something negative about the cats...  I mean, look, I practically cried on the phone the first time I had to speak with Quentin!  And he could hear it in my voice, it was that obvious!  I care so deeply about the cats that I care for that I just can't sound like a professional!  I want to list the reasons as to WHY I am feeding the cats, and WHY they deserve to have me feed them, and WHY they deserve to have shelter, and WHY they are not as bad as 'you people', YES, 'YOU PEOPLE' think they are!~  But I just can't.  I can't think of intelligent answers as to why.  And here I've been doing this for 20 years now.  And I still sound like an idiot.

I also found out that the property on the corner of Second and Central belongs to this very eccentric man named Eugene, and I believe this man bought this property for a dollar! back in 2005.  I have no right to it, but I still placed food bowls this morning for the seven cats that this man displaced, and I will continue to do so.  I scouted around looking for what I could do next there, but just can't think.  I have too much to think about.

Parsells, I am hoping to continue to have help by getting clinic appointments for the remaining six cats, by trapping first, and then  getting them to barns.  They are so confused.  I did place food dishes under the bushes at the house next door this morning.  There.  For the next three days they are calling for rain, so I have to figure out another alternative.  I just have too much on my plate.  I am setting up shelter a few houses down on the street behind and calling for them, but the dogs in the back yard right there bark their crazy heads off.

But to sign off with a good note...  Springer, the cutie I trapped on Parsells two weeks ago, is in a loving home this morning, since yesterday, on a trial basis.  The nice girl has a few other kitties and fingers crossed, they are all getting along.  The last note I received from her last night was that he just laid on her on the couch.  :)  Sweet! 

Another great bit of news...  the first two cats I grabbed from this hell house on Parsells last week after Hearthside Cats offered to take them ...  they are going to be adopted!  YES!  Prince and Parker are going to be adopted together!!!  I can't tell you how happy this makes me, I fed them for so many years, and each and every morning would leave feeling heartbroken that I couldn't take them.  THANK YOU Hearthside for making this possible! 


Now to get our other babies adopted, so that we can rescue more!

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Have a great day.

"When God Pushes You 
To The Edge Of Difficulty
Trust Him Fully
Because Two Things
Can Happen
Either He'll Catch
You When You Fall,
He Will Teach You
How To Fly"


  1. Wow that is awesome that springer has a new home and prince and Parker are going to be adopted together ! I think Pringles will go soon. He's just too damn cute to stay unwanted for very long. It's so cool to see all the parsells cats getting real homes after watching them all milling and skittering just a few weeks ago when I was there. Boy those bushes smell nasty across from that porch.
    I know they are so grateful that they are finally off the streets ! (And will tell us so in my next chapter)

  2. whoever is adopting the 2 babies together is an angel, as are the people at Hearthside cats. I will help you talk to the eccentric man or whatever else you need help with - like a rehearsed answer when people confront you. Of course you get flustered - I would too. That's why its good to figure out an reply ahead of time and memorize it. I will help you over a bottle of wine. We got this. Love you. -Kristin

  3. That's great news about Parker and Prince going to a new home together! Such cuties. And so is Pringles. What a face!
    I know you'll find something for the situations where you've been displaced. Somehow, you always seem to find a solution. :)