Thursday, April 13, 2017


I got her!  :)  Another rescue from Parsells!

I am SO thrilled!  She will go to Hearthside Cats this morning.  They offered to take in four adoptables, and this makes four.  She was TNRd when she was about six months old.  Wild.  Her shelter was across the street behind the house where John and Kevin lived.  They were so nice to allow me to continue to shelter there, until they moved out, and the landlord had a property management company come in and clean up.  Cleaned up my shelters is what they did.  Trashed everything.  Displaced at least seven cats living there.  This is when I had no other choice but to go down the street a ways and find that vacant house with the porch.  And here we are today.

There are about four more cats to go.  I am hoping all goes according to plan and Karla will come this weekend to help.  I am praying there are still barn homes for these four!

I have to say something about fostering.  I have three reliable fosters right now, and I am just so grateful to them.  I would love to shower them with gifts, but I can't afford it.  I do, however, think there should be a national day for fosters.  It should be called National Cat Fostering Day.  Or something like that?  This would be a day where you shower your fosters with love and praise.

One foster, in particular, was heaven sent, I just know it.  I don't know how she found me, but I wouldn't have found her without her reaching out to me.  She lives all the way out in Calendonia, and each trip I make to bring her a new kitty makes me long for the country life.  I love open space, country.  Maybe in my next life?


Kim wrote the following just after she got Topper to foster for me.  She reports he is healing from his facial wounds.

Foster world

  I guess it must be official, I am a real foster. I know this because when I told my husband that I was going to bring home the next foster, he didn’t give me a dirty look, or try to talk me out of it he just said, “what is it?”

Huh? I waited a minute and told him it was a cat, speaking to him clearly and enunciating like English wasn’t his first language. “I know that” he said, “but usually you tell me all about it”. He spent the next 3 minutes asking me questions: what color, dark or light stripes, how old, where was he found and “oh he does look a bit like Dasher” when I should him the picture of Charlie.

Huh? Who is this man and what did you do with my husband??

I guess I won this one. Huh.

So, Charlie was coming to stay for a while, such a pretty boy-with an eye infection that needs ointment twice a day, oh boy.

 When I asked Janine how was anyone ever going to get eye ointment in this just rescued kitty that had trust issues, Janine assured me he had no trust issues, that he was loving and sweet and gentle. Huh.

 I guess these new kitties hide in the far corner, under the bed, for other reasons I have yet to figure out. (Love you Janine!!)

Next thing I know…..sorry, No Charlie for you.  Charlie is so pretty and so special he gets to bypass fostering.  Good for him and good for me cause I could have fallen for that pretty, chubby boy.

So now I wait, until unexpectedly, a trap neuter not released finds his way into the trap.  This one is haggard and worn and tired looking with a face that has been beat up. But he was smart enough to give hints to Janine that he is available for love to the right person. Two days later, Topper, formally known as Marky Mark comes to my house to take up residence in the far corner under the bed. It must be warmer or quieter back there.

2 days later, after much sweet talking, Topper comes out from under the bed when I am still in the room. He is all over me, purring and rubbing and crawling into my lap. We loved, we played, we talked for an hour, and it was wonderful and magical and Topper is looking better. His face is healing, there were more scratches than I had originally thought, but they are healing, and he will be beautiful.  I snuggle him and tell him how special he is and that no one will ever hurt him again. 

The next day I go to feed and cuddle Topper…. He looks at me from the far corner under the bed, and totally ignores me, like last night never happened.  Like he had forgotten who I was and what we meant to each other…..I haven’t been treated like this since I was single and had some really good/bad first dates!!!

So, we start again. It takes all day to coax him out.  And he is loving and gentle and sweet and he loves a little kitty massage on his head and his shoulders and his back. Lets just see if he ignores me tomorrow after that treatment!

Thank you Kim for helping to save the life of so many kitties!

"You won't change the world by
saving an animal.
But you will change that animal's world."


  1. Hey Kim ! Topper is the spitting on Mage of Tony from my stories. It will take some work to get him to trust you every time he sees you. He's had a tough life !
    Great post !
    Hey Janine let us see the rest of petals !
    I wanna see her colors !

  2. Kim - your letter was SO funny!! You are an angel (and a comedian)!

  3. Thanks Kim - for fostering and writing that great piece. Janine, I agree - there should be a Fosters Day - and all a Rescuers Day, for those of us that have taken in rescues vs. buying from a pet store, breeder, etc. I wish more people would do the same.

  4. Thanks for sharing this update on Topper! It sounds like it won't take long for him to really come around. I love to read posts about the foster kitties.

    Great catch on Petunia! Is she going to a barn?