Monday, April 3, 2017

Monday News

Good morning!  Happy Monday!  Rise and Shine!  Its a new week, make it special.  Be kind to one another, go out of your way to help someone.  Pay it forward.  Smile at random strangers!  Mondays don't have to be miserable!  :)

IT was a good weekend.  Sunday/Saturday Sheryl came on my rounds with me Saturday morning, and boy did we work.  We left my house at 4:30 am. and got home just after 7 am.  Yes, 2.5 hours!  We fixed up a bunch of shelters at a bunch of sites, and felt good after we finished.  We were a disgusting dirty mess, but again, worth it for the cats.  I love my new shelters at two of my locations.  They are well built, and sturdy.  And you can tell the cats have made them their home.  You can see indentations in the straw where they lay and hopefully sleep, well.  I need large boards, I do not need pallets. I have more than enough and need to figure out how to get them to other locations, as the kind people from Marion who built the structures on Seventh for me had dropped off a ton of them on Friday.  I wish I had a pick up truck.   Brand new black Chevy Silverado or a GMC Sierra.   Dream on.  My 2004 Jeep Cherokee with 118,000 miles on it is on its last leg.  I am just praying each morning that it starts and gets me from point A to point B.  So far so good.  I keep buying those lottery tickets.

This morning, a nice female cop friend stopped while I pouring food on Central.  I didn't know it was her as she shined her big light on me, and I thought it was a cop that didn't know what I do and I walked over thinking I would have to explain what I was doing but saw it was her.  Its nice to be checked on!  She stopped last week also for a short chat also.  Its nice to know they are out there.
SAM on Short
I have a few cats in mind for my next rescue.  One is Sam from Short Street.  I’ve got to get him off the street.  I feel terrible that I leave him there every morning.  He has been begging me for a year now to take him home.  Then there is a fluffy boy on Parsells that I’ve been feeding for a long time now.  He is showing signs of living too long on the streets.  I can pick him up now.  I need to get them both, and would like to this week if I can find fosters.  Please consider.  They are good little boys.


I got an update on Skeeter this morning – previously named Saroo.  What a precious little thing.  I am so glad I rescued him from Third Street in early March, and that he was adopted by this wonderful family.  Yes, that is an engraved snap-away collar engraved with his name.  I just love it.  Click on pic to see closer!  Ellen writes:

Hi Janine!

Skeeter is such a doll!  Spending the day napping- his favorite spot is still our changing table. Both the cats were on there together yesterday. Racing around all evening with Salem. He eats a lot!  We always know he just ate because he has canned food on his nose. Not very classy:)

So in love with this little guy!

Taking a pic of Skeeter is tough!!  I watch kids during the day and right now, Charles' (he's 1 1/2 years old) favorite activity when he sees Skeeter is scream in glee and chase him around. Not a good picture taking setup!!

Skeeter is doing great!  He had a little eye infection at the beginning of the week. Once we started treatment, it cleared right up. Back to perfect:)

Charlie is doing well in his new pad, but needs some dental work, so I will be helping out his dad with that. 

All in all, a good weekend, and will be a good day today. 

I  hope you make it one also! 

"Every morning you have two choices:
continue to sleep with your dreams
wake up and chase them."


  1. Awwww!!!!!!!!! I am So happy for Skeeter! His new family sounds wonderful. Hurray!!

  2. Skeeter's adorable! I'm glad he loves his new brother and vice versa. I love happy endings like this!!