Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Wash Your Hands!

I wash my hands a million times a day.  If I am not at a sink, like in a car, I have my hand wipes.  I am so conscientious of germs, you might consider me a 'germaphobe.'  Touching money, leaving a grocery store after gripping a cart, getting gas, typing on a keyboard!, shaking hands, and last but not the very least, feeding cats in the morning!  The grossest things are out there!  Remember last year when I squirted myself in the face with slug juice after stepping on one by mistake?  GROSS!

In the meantime, I have been returning home each morning lately very down.  I am fighting such battles out there.  This jerk on the corner of Second and Central removed the plates I placed yesterday for the seven or eight cats I feed on that corner, the Mailbox Kitties.  This morning, I placed the bowls somewhere else on the ground, and left a note saying something like, Dear Eugene, Do you really want to be this cruel to the cats?  I am only trying to help them, rescue them, protect them.  You are thwarting my efforts.  Please reconsider.

How can a human being do this to a helpless homeless animal.  He has this huge plot of land, and does nothing with it.  Is this how he wants to be remembered in his final years on this earth, someone that displaced so many animals?  I remember when these older kittens were baby kittens, running under the fence on his property.  I couldn't get them - I just placed bowls of food on the side of the road where I saw them playing.

Now I want to write him a letter.  I am going to draft something for him today and mail it.  The cats are now leery of me again, so I can't get close enough, especially the one that has come around to my petting him, because they are so confused - where have their sleeping shelters gone?  Why is the food left in a different spot...  I am just so disheartened.

Then we have Parsells.  Thankfully, I have been offered three spots at a clinic tomorrow.  I will set three traps, but really am not sure about getting all three, especially with rain in the forecast.  I have a place for them to go - a barn situation just waiting.

I had two people reach out yesterday who want to adopt my remaining rescues, Pringles and Topper.  I am so thrilled, beyond belief.  And Springer is still being 'tested' out.  I am hoping that all three get adopted so that I can rescue more!

“Humanity's true moral test, its fundamental test…consists of its attitude towards those who are at its mercy: animals.” 


  1. Isnt Eugene's house thevplace where you are trappin and removing the cats? Make sure you emphasize removing them in your letter to him then. That you have to be able to continue to feed them in order to keep trapping and rehoming them.

  2. I think that's parsells. This is the corner lot at second and central. There is a weird collection of garden landscaping and free form art sculpture there. And a green mail transfer box. Postal workers use that to store mail during the day until they collect it all and take it to post office.
    Slug juice to the face ?
    ewwwwwwwwww !

  3. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Pringles and Topper!

    Make sure you count slowly to 30 (or sing Happy Birthday) while washing your hands, or you don't get all the germs! Oprah said so. ;)