Thursday, April 6, 2017


As hard as I try to remain positive about what I do, and the cats I feed, something always happens to burst my bubble.  The sadness overwhelms me sometimes.  Today is one of those times.

These are all pictures of cats I feed there:

I pulled up to 286 Parsells Avenue, and found all the shelters I had on the side of the house next door to it, all EIGHT Styrofoam shelters lovingly crafted by Saturday Sheryl, some with cat faces as the entrances, all gone.  The tarps, the boards, the shelters.  The only thing the 10-15 cats that rely on me had for shelter.  The porch I fed on, they have been removing my paper bowls and plates daily now for over a month, they trashed the last shelters I had on the porch in mid winter.  This house has been vacant for years now, and has been the only haven for these cats since being kicked out from across the street. 

Whoever did this was a heartless human being.  To know they at they destroyed these shelters.  I don't care if you bought the house, or are a company renovating it, you could have handled this differently.  IF you had any compassion for anything.

Whoever doubts me when I say that Parsells Avenue is evil, I dare you to go door to door and find me one person willing to allow shelters for these cats.  I will be going over at my lunch hour today to just look into the workers' faces.  I know there is nothing I can do.  Trash day was yesterday - I am sure they got there early enough to put them out by the road - I looked around behind the house, and next door.  I would love some support.  If you are reading this, have the flexibility today, and are bold and brave enough to back me up, I would love it. 

I just don't know what will happen tomorrow for these cats.  I don't know where I will feed them.  No one is living in the house right now, so when I still place the food for them on this porch, I tell them to hurry, eat, as their food will be gone in hours, until I replenish tomorrow.  Heartless bastards.


  1. Do you have contact info (sign, business card, etc) on these shelters? If so, maybe they would call you before trashing them.

  2. #321 & 336 are City of Rochester owned vacant land. It's about 8 houses down down the road, one on each side of the road. Perhaps a garden permit for those lots would help keep shelters in place?

  3. I will help move them down to the vacant land and help with a garden permit. -Kristin

  4. I will help anyway I can Janine. I don't understand why people are do ignorant and yet drugs flourish in this area. What is a garden permit and how does one get such a thing? Mary Ellen

  5. What a shame it had to happen this way but it looks like you're getting some help now. I pray you're able to relocate and adopt out some of the kitties through Karla and Keller's Kats.

  6. All thos shelters gone. That Sheryl just made. Including the last of the big styro boxes I had that I had driven all over to get. This really pisses me off too. Carole R.