Friday, April 7, 2017

Operation Pussycat!

 I had left a note on the porch this morning. The man just called me. Here is the gist of it: He will allow me to use the porch until Sunday for trapping. I told him I was going to try to rescue as many cats as I could but needed the porch to place the food on for the trapping. I am grateful to those that have reached out to help me with the trapping. He also said that he wishes I had left a note stating what I was trying to do earlier – he said he felt bad when he saw the trash collectors take my shelters yesterday – he said he knew I was a passionate person – he said he does not like cats, but he said he would have worked with me. I did have my poster with my number, and rescue name there, but he said if I had left a more personal note, he would have worked with me. I feel bad I didn’t. This could have been avoided. I am a terrible procrastinator – especially with stuff like this, and knowing I have to deal with 16 other locations – thankfully more stable than this one. I don’t deal well with the bad stuff. Hence, I need help. Thanks to Karla, hopefully she has everything under control, as she put a plea out and has so many wonderful people that follow and help her. My plan: I will be trying to grab one or two that I can tomorrow morning at 4:15. Hearthside cats will take two of them – the rest I hope someone has a plan. I know we can’t get them all, but hopefully most of them. Thank you everyone for your concern.

Karla from Keller's Kats heard of my plight, posted a plea for help on Facebook, she received quite a few offers to take some cats for barns, etc., and so there was some HOPE.

Well, the plan was left yesterday that 'we' (hoping for help tomorrow and Sunday) would try to trap all kitties and get them to barns - two could go to Hearthside Cats - those two would be adoptables.  I knew just the ones.  I got to Parsells this morning, they were waiting, and starving...  and the two I've always wanted to rescue came right up.  I had the carriers set and waiting for them.  Grabbed Fluffy, and then grabbed beautiful tabby.  Both in carriers.  Check.  Set the traps, drove off to do my feedings, came back, one in trap.  Check.  Went and did the back nine, came back an hour later, no kitty.  Went home, gave the three some food in their carriers and trap, and went inside to start a new day.  Standing at sink rinsing out cans, and realized I had forgotten to feed the Melville near Webster Avenue cats.  Scramble out the door again, check on the remaining trap on Parsells, and BLAM!  Kitty in trap!  Check!  Four down, six to eight to go.

Of course it just had to be snowing today - and yesterday there was so much rain, my Short Street shelter looked like a moat.  Poor babies.   Poor Sam, Mr. Whiskers 2, Baby Buttons, Millie and a calico yet unnamed.  She keeps her distance.

BABY from Parsells, going to barn in Mendon

TABBY from Parsells going to barn in Mendon

Another picture of BABY

Mr. Fluffy from Parsells going to Hearthside Cats (I love this one so much)

SWEET SWEET boy Tabby going to Hearthside Cats (I love this one so much)
Now just hoping for further instructions on where the next set of kitties will go.  Thank you again Karla, and Karen Parker this morning for transporting - she drove all the way from Hilton to my house to Mendon where the barn is.  What a gal.  :)  And she is NOT a morning person.  😈

Thank you everyone for your concern and help.  I just couldn't do it without you.  xo

Have a great day!


  1. I know some folks are not inclined to barns as homes for kitties. But...I grew up on a farm and we really liked our barn kitties. Hand milking of two cows gave the kitties a few "here, here's some milk" and they loved that. Their regular "diet" was a win/win. Kept the barn, pretty clear of mice(even rats). I can remember my dad telling me that one of the mamas has kittens somewhere and I'd search and sometimes find them. Yes, we liked our barn kitties.
    Lynne (and Sawyer)

  2. So glad the guy at parsells let you set your traps out there for a few days to get them out of there. Even a barn is better than those mean streets they have been living on. There were a couple of long hairs there I saw on my ride along. Is mr fluffy one of those ?
    Leo and Shelby want to say "thanks for saving all the kitties miss Wagner !" 😍

  3. This is amazing - all of these people coming together to help get these cats out of there. You are all incredibly generous, kind and willing to go above and beyond to help those who need it. You are all an inspiration!

  4. God bless all the people helping you and the kitties. I'm praying you get the rest of them this morning. No doubt you're out there as I'm typing this.