Friday, April 28, 2017


VERY quiet out there today.  I continue to feed about 5-6 cats that I can see on Parsells, at the house next door, where under the bushes I placed two small Styrofoam shelters, a board under and a board over to cover the food dishes.  There is one black cat, a mess, that is so hungry he doesn't care if he is scared of me, he comes over anyways while I am pouring the food.  I don't believe he is neutered, no ear tip.  But I pet him even though his body lowers at my touch.  The younger red one with the white on his chest will also come while I am pouring the food.  I have not seen the older red, poor thing. There is a fluffy tabby that I know of, and I have not seen the fluffy red.

Today is the day Prince and Parker (from Parsells) get adopted from Hearthside Cats.  I am thrilled.  They are being adopted together by a girl I met who was a volunteer for a large rescue fundraiser last year down by the lake.  I went there to meet this girl, and to check out this fundraiser to get ideas, and wound up sitting at the bar by myself trying to talk to someone after scouring the joint.

I am so happy for them.  They have such a wonderful shelter - with so many wonderful cats.  I would love to see them all adopted.

Have a fabulous day!

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  1. I'm SO happy for Prince and Parker. What a wonderful lady to adopt them together! And how kind of hearthside cats for taking them in. Can the black kitty on Parsells be trapped and vetted? Poor guy. I will sponsor him!