Wednesday, April 12, 2017


There's nothing quite like that feeling.  When you can rescue an animal that has needed to be rescued for a long time.  This morning I rescued Petal from Parsells.  Another cat that needed to be taken off the street badly.  A former TNR.  She has fur missing behind each ear, indicating that she may have mites.  Bad.  She walked up to me as I poured the food, and I just grabbed her and placed her gently in the carrier.  She is scared to death, but as I placed food in the carrier for her, and took her picture, and then covered her up, I walked away silently saying, you will never have to suffer again Petal.  Life is good for you now.  Trust in me.  I started to get teary eyed, like I do when I rescue each and every cat.  I am a sap.  There are still at least four or five more that I feed there.  One is all black (I don't think he is neutered), one is red with white - older and sick, one is red and very fluffy, one of the older kittens I TNRd, and the other is the kitten, or mother - a white with brown tabby spots.


I wonder how that saying came to be?  Like a maple tree?  Dripping sap?  Tears flowing?  Sap?  Hmmm..

I couldn't have done this today without Hearthside Cats, a wonderful rescue group that's been around for ages.  I remember them 20 years ago when me and an old boyfriend adopted from them when they were on Conesus Lake.  An older kitten that didn't have the use of its legs.  We named him Cassidy.  As in Hop-a-Long...  This is the next little girl that Hearthside offered to take in.  She wasn't around the morning.  I will name her Petunia.  I remember her when she was just a baby kitten.  Feral then.  She has come to trust me enough to pick her up.  Another former TNR.  


WISH LIST:  Camouflage Tarps!  10' x 12' - I purchased one yesterday, but they are $20 at Home Depot in Henrietta.  I need two more.  I also love the white or clear plastic Chinese takeout dishes.  They are perfect for water or food.  I don't need the lids.  I am all set with heavy plates, and towels/blankets.  Thank you!

Pringles went to his foster home yesterday.  The girls - Abby and Olivia - already love him.  Check this picture out taken of him with Abby!  HE IS READY FOR ADOPTION!

Speaking of Abby, her Girl Scout troop built shelters for the homeless kitties!  What great work they did!  Thank you Troop 60601!  I will be placing them at a location soon so that the kitties on the streets can have a new house to sleep in!~

Have a great day all!

"In rescuing animals I lost my mind,
but found my soul."


  1. Your not a sap ! Your an angel !
    Parsells will be featured in my next chapter.

  2. Who else but you is so filled with love and compassion for our forgotten fur babies. You are an angel and they love you.

  3. Who else but you is so filled with love and compassion for our forgotten fur babies. You are an angel and they love you.

  4. Petal is such a pretty girl! Hope you're able to get Petunia very soon.
    That little Pringles is adorable with his new foster sister. I bet he gets adopted soon! And thank you to Abby's Girl Scout troop for building those amazing shelters. Awesome job!