Wednesday, April 5, 2017


Well, you are never going to believe it.  A lot has happened since yesterday's post! 

Not only did I wind up keeping Picasso, but this morning I made the decision not to release Marky Mark!  ugggh.



I received a message yesterday from a foster asking if she could foster Picasso.  So just before he was being prepped at the clinic, I made the call asking for him to be combo tested.   The girl running the show over there said she was so relieved to know that I was not going to release him because he was nudging the technicians fingers and headbutting them.  She then let me know not long after that he was negative!  So he gets home from the clinic in a carrier, which was placed in the bathroom when he got home.  Marky Mark was still in the trap on the porch.  I did not have a clue about Picasso's personality and am always nervous when I am not sure.  So I let him stay a while in there until he wasn't as woozy from the drugs he was given.  I then slowly put my hand inside and began to touch him.  He was very very nervous, and finally I let him out.  Within 10 minutes, he was on my lap purring. 

Marky Mark on the other hand was going to stay over night and be let back out on Melville in the morning.  I placed food inside and water, and covered him up for the night.  This morning, at 2:30 am. when I got up, I went out to check on him and replenish the food and water bowls that were empty by now.  All the while, MM never made a move.  He let me put my fingers inside and touch him.  I did my thing for the next hour, and when it was time to go get the food bowls out of the trap and place him in the Jeep, I touched him again, and I could tell he didn't belong back on the street.  He looked too beat up and tired.  I said, that's it.  You are staying young man.  :)

I placed both of them in the back bedroom. Picasso is young - I would say a year, and MM is probably 2-3 years old.  MM is in closet and Picasso is a discoverer.  He is wandering all over sniffing here and sniffing there. 

This morning I went ballistic on someone.  I won't go into details, I don't want everyone to know how crazy I can get, but I do get crazy if you mess with me and cats.  I was bending down feeding at my Ferndale and Webster location, and some dude and a chick walk out of the house next door that is always full of young idiots drinking and doing drugs.  Some guy that owns it comes home on weekends and parties with the people that hang there.  I don't bother them, they don't bother me.  This guy comes out yelling something - "Hey!  Do you own that house?  I am calling the police! I have your license plate!"  First, the dude is drunk.  You can tell the chick wishes he would shut up.  He then pretends loudly, as he is walking to some beat up car a house away, and as he is getting into the jalopy on the passenger side, pretends he's on a call to 911 to report me.

I just watched him, finished up doing my thing, got in my car, pulled slowly up to them, they pulled in front of me, we are at a light and I just slammed on my horn.  I just went wild.  Needless to say, we wound up having words as he got out of the passenger side.  I laid into him like nothing else. He had no idea who I was, what I was doing, and told him he must have been new to that house because I've been doing this for eternity!  It was a loud exchange on my part.  I just lost it on him.

I have been doing this for so ding dang dong long and do NOT look forward to doing it, but know I have to do it, and to have some PUNK say something to me negatively, at 5 am. when I am just in the middle of my stops, you picked the wrong girl buddy.    I know my mother would not want to know this, thank God she doesn't read my blog.  I know what I do is crazy to begin with, but sometimes, you just have to let out some steam.  DON'T MESS WITH ME AND THE CATS!


Have a nice day!  :)

PS, these cats are lovers, and we must now get them adopted so I can save the others!!!

"Don't let idiots ruin your day."


  1. YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HURRAY for Picasso and Marky Mark!!! You ROCK!!!

  2. The look on Marky Mark's face says it all. He looks exhausted and relieved and so very grateful.

  3. HA ! You shoulda got all up in his face like that women that came down to us at the mailbox and said "why you gotta come at me like that ? You don't know me !"
    Then ask him if he's got a cigarette ...
    You go girl !

  4. So glad you kept both of them. They both look so sweet and tuxies are always popular! Great news!

  5. Yay, I'm so glad MM and Spring don't have to go back to the streets. Definitely their lucky day!

  6. So happy for MM and Spring!! They are so precious :)