Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Logos! :)

My friend Kristin has been working for a LONG time on a logo for me.  :)  Here it is.  I love it!  Nice job Kris!

My other friend Melissa designed one for me a long time ago when I needed one to use for my receipts and such.  Here it is...  I love this too!
Here is the long awaited next chapter in the saga of the street cats!  Joel surely is a masterful writer.  

… what would the cats Janine cares for think of her ? What would it be look to eavesdrop on them on a cold winters night ?

A Guardian Angel - Chapter Two

… We are following one of Rochester feral cats - a female gray and black tiger striped tabby named Mittens as she makes her way over to Melville street to find her friend Cici ….

Mittens was hurrying along Melville street, trying to minimize the contact her paw-pads had with the icy cold asphalt. They were raw and split from a life of running and hiding in the dingy back alleyways of Rochester's Parsell's street neighborhood, and she was trying to keep them from getting any worse. Despite this fact, she padded rapidly toward her destination. She was bound and determined to make Cici show her where the food the human was leaving around the area was located. In her younger years she would have been able to find it by smell alone, the rich and heady aroma tickling her nose and pulling her along to the source. But age and the cold and biting February wind had robbed the air of any scents this morning, so she would have to rely on her friend - a part of the intricate web of animals in the surprisingly large local cat colony.

Ducking behind the shadow of a hulking dumpster behind the corner grocery store, its sides slimy with age and refuse, she spies her goal - a piebald patchy orange and black calico lurking under the porch of a shabby grey house near the end of the street. Her friend Cici is not looking her way yet - in fact she appears to be rapt with attention on something deeper into the depths of shadows masking the underside of the houses sagging porch landing. Mittens would have called out to her friend, but she had learned the hard way to maintain silence until she got closer.

Announcing yourself out loud was often a good way to earn the wrath of a human, with a halfhearted foot to your rear or even a swat with a broom for good measure. She darted her head from side to side, checking up and down the street to make sure it was safe to proceed. Nothing moved save a skirl of dirty white snow, pushed along by the fitful wind. She padded quickly across the street, heading directly for the inviting dark cave like space under the porch where her friend Cici was crouched. Her eyes where still fairly sharp, and the reflective coating on the back of her retinas (something all cats shared to allow heightened low light vision) allowed her gaze to penetrate the darkness under the porch.

She could see that Cici was currently staring at a paper plate piled high with something that looked like … food ?

"Psssst … Cici ! " She hissed sharply, crouching down on her belly and slowly creeping closer.

"Dammit girl !" Cici hissed, snapping her head around to stare at Mittens.

"I told you not to sneak up on me like that. You're lucky I don’t claw your eyes out !"

"Sorry ! I saw you stalking something and I wanted to see what it was."

It was quite calm under the porch, and now she could clearly smell what was on the paper plate at the back of the porch space. A large hole in the skirting back there allowed a quick getaway, and someone had placed something there that looked and smelled like … heaven ….

"What is that Cici ? it smells delicious."

"I told you ! It’s the food the human has been leaving behind around here. I'm getting some before the rats find it."

"Oh ! Can I have some too ?" Mittens could barely contain the greed that wanted to creep into her voice.

Cici narrowed her eyes and looked at Mittens for a long time. She began to think Cici would say no - and she was so hungry she might have to fight her longtime friend over the food. She didn’t want too, but she would if she had too. After a long and tense moment, Cici's face softened, and Mittens felt a wave of relief wash over her.

"Yeah I suppose so. Just leave some for me. And don’t tell those other scabs we hang out with about this place. They start coming over here and there wont be nuthin left for us."
At this point would have agreed to anything Cici asked - she just wanted to push her face into that pile of juicy looking food.

"Yeah, yeah sure hon - whatever you say."

"Well don’t just sit there then sugar pie, lets get us some chow !"

… To be continued ….

"Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible."   
~Francis of Assisi


  1. Awwww ....
    Thanks for sharing my story Janine!
    I will try to write a new chapter each week.

  2. I'm loving this story - thanks Joel!!

  3. Joel,

    Thanks for writing Chapter 2. Looking forward to reading Chapter 3 next week.

    Walt Simoni

  4. Hey ! Get T SHIRTS made with kris new logo on it! All your fans will want one ! You could sell them! I'd be willing to pay 20 for one !

  5. Joel- I'm loving these stories!
    Janine- care to share where "Janine The Bean"name came from?! I have always been curious!
    Carole R.