Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Rescuing With LOVE!

First!  Happy Valentine's Day, from Sparky!  Sparky sent this message to me this morning.  I rescued Sparky nearly a year ago, with his four other siblings - and he now has a wonderful family.  And look how he has grown!  Made my day!  ❤

Sparky as a baby!
I've recently received a lot of inquiries as to why don't I do this and why don't I do that.  It has to do with the black cat that I've been feeding on Short.  This black cat with the collar is not the only cat that has lost its home, either by being tossed out, owners moved, or got out by mistake.  I'm feeding hundreds of them.  And for each cat that earns my trust and allows me to pet them, and hold them, those are the ones that are on my radar to rescue.  And eventually, most of them do begin to trust.  I rescued over 40 of them last year, and over 80 of them the year prior.  Not to mention all the years prior to that all the cats that I rescued.  Read my blog back to 2008.

Right now, I can't get a grip on black kitty.  I touch him, he backs away.  He is safe at the shelter he is at for right now until he earns my trust.  I did take someone's advice to start feeding him in a carrier, which I brought with me this morning, and placed food in it.  You know what?  Sam, the other cat that is WAITING for a home, went into it.  So much for that.  But I did leave it with a blanket inside and a blanket covering it, hoping to get the black one in there someday.

We have four=five inches of snow on the ground, its not ideal for trapping, let alone a drop trap which others have suggested, which I don't know how to use, and the shelter is way in the back of the lot.  For those suggesting this, maybe you can help me.  What do you say?

And for each and every rescue, I must have my bathroom clear.  Right now, I still have Popcorn hanging out in there until he goes to his foster home.  I also have my own cats and a full time job and I do have a life (well...  ).  I do the very best I can getting up every morning no matter the weather, and going out to 16 locations around the city and making sure everyone is fed and sheltered.  When the opportunity arises, I grab one.  There are sick ones out there, they need rescuing first, but again, I do what I can.  Come out with me!  See for yourselves how many need rescuing. 

So that's it in a nutshell.  I am sorry if this sounded like a rant.  Its frustrating when you have people telling you that you should get a cat off the street and they don't know the circumstances.  Its just not that simple.

PS, did I mention that I have already rescued FIVE cats this year?  That includes two young females under a year old that were in early stages of pregnancy?

Have a great day!

Valentine Zoo

"I’m an animal lover, I’m happy to say.
And I love them and pet them most every day.
So for you, Valentine, I thank heaven above,
Because you’re like the creatures I love.

You‘re cuddly and cute as a warm, playful kitten,
With your animal nature, my love, I am smitten.
You walk like a lioness stalking the plain,
With your dangerous eyes and your beautiful mane.

It’s such pleasure to pet you, as you sigh and you purr,
I run my hand over you, like stroking your fur.
I'm a strong Alpha wolf, with you at my side,
Sharing love, food and shelter, and feelings of pride.

These feelings of animal love we can share,
As I find different ways to show that I care.
So won’t you please be my own private zoo?
My Valentine, I love to play with you."


  1. Oh Janine....you do the best you can and your instincts guide you as to who and when to rescue the next kitty. People mean well but it can be frustrating to hear all this advice while you're doing all the work. We love you - Happy Valentines Day!! Have a glass of RED wine tonight!! Love, Nancy C.

  2. Janine you are doing a GREAT job and I am sorry that my suggestion of and posting the black kitty with redcollar unleashed any "criticisms" of how much you do. I was hoping for another Luna success. At least you got some options for him if and when you can get him. Keep up the great work and we all appreciate how difficult it is especially those of us who have been out in the trenches like you are, every day!
    Carole R.

  3. Sparky looks as adorable as ever! I remember that pink nose and little black chin.

  4. It is hard to remember that people mean well when they sit and 'arm chair rescue'. They want to help, but not if it means sacrificing something they are unwilling to part with (time, money, emotions)

    While they are trying to help, they just do not realize how damaging their comments are. You are stretched thin, you can't face doing one more thing, and there is here is Helpful Helen telling you to do this or that while she sits at home in her comfy chair and isn't up at three in the morning or lugging around huge bags of food.

    I see it all the time in fostering. People offering unsolicited advice. Sometimes it hits too close to home and I stand up for the people getting that advice. Occasionally I feel bad about it, but usually not. People need to see that sometimes what they feel the need to say is the last thing that people need to hear.