Monday, February 6, 2017


Uggh.  That is what happened this morning when in the dark, I stepped on something that didn't feel quite right underfoot.  I shined the flashlight, and it was a rat!  uggggh.  GROSS.  Totally.  It was a good thing to see though because I know the cats are doing their job.  :)

My SMOKEY a/k/a Fang

Well, its February, and Kristin reminded me that I have now rescued five cats so far since January!  Pretty good! 

Joel, thank you so much for your helpful comments from Friday.  I will see if my girl Carrie can do some finagling for me - I am pretty hopeless in setting stuff up here.  I need an entire day to do nothing so that I can make this blog look pretty, but I don't see that day in the near future.  I do appreciate the help and feedback, for sure. 

Kittens from two years ago....from Trust Street

One of my feeding spots... you can make one out of just about anything!

These are my daily staples --- water, wet and dry food.
I could really use some large sized yogurt or whatever containers like this one!

It felt like the calm before the storm this morning.  It was quiet, the temperature is very mild, a light dusting of snow fell overnight.  There is snow and wind advisory heading our way and is forecast to hit tomorrow.  I know we have had a milder than most winter, and I thank God for it.  There have been some brutal winters.  I am thankful all the kitties were there to greet me this morning.  Most, if not all, of their food dishes are empty. I did see the grey striped kitty with the injured paw yesterday, and he actually managed to get to another shelter of mine to get his breakfast, and he was NOT limping.  I don't know how these cats can heal themselves.  Maybe he is putting pressure on a hurt food just to get around.  I don’t know.  I will try to rescue that little guy this week, if I can.  He is very pretty, for sure, but has also been on the streets for a long time.  AND he has more than the normal amount of toes on a cat too.   What do they call that…  terradactyl?

There is a very fat cat on one of my spots near Melville. It is a black and white kitty that runs out of the shelter when I arrive each morning, and runs off to watch me from a distance until I leave.  It looks very fat, or pregnant.  I've requested a spot at the clinic for tomorrow, and I will try to trap it.  I'll bet there are a lot of pregnant kitties on my route that I just don't see. 

So far so good with the adopted kitties from last weekend.  Bacardi is settling in with his new family.  They adopted Petunia from me the year before, and renamed her Piper.  They have a cute dog that I am sure Bacardi is not fond of, but will get used to eventually.  So far so good with his ‘bathroom habits’ too!  J  Princess has settled in but is a little frightened of her new dad, who is – what I am told – sort of a big man…  but I am sure sweet nevertheless.  She will get used to her new environment soon also.  As a matter of fact, they have expressed interest in adopting Callie – so that Princess and Callie can be sisters!  J  Fingers crossed that all works out!  And finally, Sunshine seems to be doing well in her new environment – her mom says:  "Getting better. We all sat in the living room at the same time last night!. Patrick with me on the couch and Sunny on the chaise. They get a little closer now but Sunny still hisses. But they're using the same litter boxes and eating from the same bowl. We're getting there."
Her new mom adopted Paddy (renamed Patrick) from me last year, so now he has a sister!

It’s a wonderful feeling to get these beautiful angels off the street.  Now, we must rescue more!  Foster and adopt.  Spread the word! 

Have a great day!

No Longer a Stray

When you look into my eyes,

I know what you will see.

There is only love and trust

Where fear once used to be.

For I was an abandoned cat,

A cold and hungry stray.

But you reached out your gentle hands

And took me home to stay.

I've eagerly accepted the compassion you have shown.

I soon forgot the times when I was frightened and alone.

You opened up your heart to me

And taught me how to trust.

You've given me a loving home

Where kindness is a must.

So when you gaze into my face I hope you'll realize,

That "love without condition" is reflected in my eyes.


  1. Not sure if you were kidding or not with terradactyl but it gave me a LOL anyway!! Multi (extratoed) cats are called polydactyl. Also known as Hemingway cats after the famous author. They typically get adopted wuickly because they are different even tho in the NE U.S. they are more common than elsewhere in the country.
    Carole R.

  2. And glad to hear that the cats ARE killing rats! You can sure use that for their defense against any neighbors objecting to the cats now!!!
    Carole R.

  3. I think I would barf if I ever stood on a dead rat in the dark. Seriously. Barf!

    On a different note, that would be awesome if Princess' new dad could adopt Callie, too!

  4. FIVE cats already saved this year!! You are remarkable Janine and need to know we all think that. Sooo glad Bacardi is settling in and no potty issues. Love you. Nancy C.

  5. Your welcome Janine ! I will keep an eye out for more things that might get your message out better.