Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Boy With The Red Tattered Collar

Sound like a movie?  Well its not!  Look who I got this morning!  The scared black kitty from Short Street. I've named him Stash for now.  He's a sweetie.  You can tell he's been on the streets for a very long time.  He has not had love in a very long time, but must have at one point.  When I opened the carrier door in the bathroom, I petted him first before I let him come out.  I knew he would run and hide instantly.  And that he did, but after gently talking to him, and stroking his head and neck, he became less scared.   He went for the food, and as he was hungrily gobbling down the food, and then taking a break, I slowly removed the tattered red collar.  It was a snap off, but it was very tight on his neck.  It left an indentation in his fur, but did not cut into the neck.  Was it placed there when he was a kitten?  And also, Stash is unneutered.   And he IS a boy.  I will call to see if I can get him in somewhere.  Someone offered to foster him if I could get him, I hope that comes true.

You can see the indentation from the collar

I want to thank Carole Reed for suggesting to put the carrier there at the location and place food in it.  While Sam, the other cat there was not there at that moment that I arrived, Stash went right into the carrier when I placed the food there.  Sam just didn't like the newcomer Stash.  So he would chase him and swat at him.  But Sam is sweet too.  He follows me back to my car nearly each day pleading for me to rescue him too.  Carole has some great advice on cats.  She is very experienced with cats and I value her advice.  Thanks Carole, now I just need to find a place to stash Stash!

I have JURY DUTY today!  Joy! 

Have a great day!


  1. Well done Janine. Stash will come around. He needs to learn how to trust again and that may take time. You're an amazing, lovin and compassionate animal guardian. Thank you for being you.

  2. Awesome work Janine ! I think people ask why you don't do something for a kitty because they really care about the cats your helping and they get so excited that someone is helping them that they can't help giving you "advice" . Just look at it from the good side. People are paying attention to what you do now. More people are reading your blog every day. Since I started reading the bean I have noticed a definite upturn in offers to foster, and offers to adopt. Look how fast mr fluffy pants got a home. Look how fast offers to foster popcorn and stash have popped up. Don't worry ! Be happy !
    Lol 😜

  3. Update... He was on my lap purring. Gonna be someone's love bug some day!!💋

  4. Congrats Janine - so glad you got him - and sooo quickly!! Nancy C.

  5. Fantastic news Janine! From the looks of how tight that collar was, you got him almost just in time. Another great save! So glad my suggestion worked!!! Do you want me to post found on craigslist?
    Carole R.

    1. Carole,

      Great assist through your good advice. I would be shocked if your suggestions didn't work due to your many years of feeding and rescuing. Thank you very much for all your tireless work with your Colonies and help to Janine. Great job as usual Janine!.

      Walt & Karon Simoni

  6. I'm so glad you were able to get Stash! Poor baby. I wonder how he ended up on the streets.
    And poor you! Jury duty, ugh. How many days?