Thursday, February 9, 2017

Cats Don't Like Rice!

At one of my locations, each morning, I find a human meal left for the cats.  Chicken bones and rice are whats left from a goodhearted, yet uneducated person who leaves this hear for the cats.  I don't think cats like rice, and they certainly shouldn't have chicken bones.

I am taking a break from this blog today.  It was snowing while I gave over 80 (that I could count today at each of my 16 locations) cats their breakfast, it was cold, and it was dark.  The black and white cat on Greeley looks very pregnant, but she won't go into my trap.  I need someone with a drop trap to help me.

Sometimes, I just can't think of anything to say!  I would LOVE someone to write a guest post!!!  I would love a break!  Please, anyone???

Make it a great day!

“A word of encouragement 
during a failure is worth
more than an hour
of praise
after success.” 


  1. Lynne Stewart and Sawyer here. Not a blog's worth but...thinking of how he was soon to be rescued by you at this time in 2015! How he'd walked up to you, looked up at you with a look that said, "Take me home!" And, you did. You brought him to me on Valentines Day. I toyed with changing his name - but kept it Sawyer. IF I had a smart phone, I'd take a pic of him, now curled up, kitty fashion, asleep, on the bed in my office. Interesting how he is choosing spots for sleeping lately. Seems that on this cold, but sunny morning, he'd be on his perch/platform right in the south/living room window. But, nope. He's here! His snuggly time is during the evening when he will sleep awhile on my lap/legs as I watch TV. Then, when I go to bed, he jumps up with me to get his taste/few licks of coconut moisturizing routine. Down he goes to "somewhere" - but later, he comes back. How do I know, since he doesn't meow/announce his arrival? Because, as kitty lovers know, it's hard to turn over when said kitty(or kitties) are by our feet or knees! Morning? He usually gets up and meanders/yawns/stretches and meows for his breakfast. OH, have I mentioned how handsome Sawyer is!?!!? A nearly perfectly marked face. I LOVE him.

  2. Great update! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Dear God remember the poor baby with the chicken bone stuck to the roof of his mouth? What a nightmare that was poor baby 😰