Monday, February 20, 2017

Run Rocky Run!!!

I had my first sighting this morning of a raccoon.  Man, those things can run fast.  Maybe because they are still thin from hibernating?  Those suckers can get huge.  From eating MY food. 

It was a nice weekend...  weather wise it was nearly perfect.  Not too cold, not too warm, just right.  Someone messed with my shelter on 7th Street though.  They took my plates, and threw a bowl into the lot next to the shelter, and they took a plastic tote that was turned into a shelter.  Must have been kids.  Although I have enough friends around there that I would hope would say something if they had seen anyone back there.  But they might not have known, or seen anything.  People tend to keep to themselves around there.  Mind their own business.  Can't blame them.  There are still some bad people around, even though this neighborhood has really cleaned itself up over the years.  It used to be so crime and drug infested.  Actually right here on this lot there used to be an abandoned house where I set up shop for the kitties on the back porch until it was bulldozed down.  I used to find baggies of pot, needles, lots of good stuff right where I was feeding cats.  And if you will recall, my very first post in 2008, I helped to save a litter of newborn kittens after hearing them cry from inside.  After I called police, who in turn called Rochester Animal Services, Officer Lalka to be exact, the kittens were scooped up from a mattress inside, and turned  over to the now defunct Another Chance Pet Rescue group and were saved.  On that very day that house was going to be demolished.  Phew.  Good save!

STASH (now may be named SIMON!)

Stash was brought to his foster home on Saturday.  What a great cat he is.  Super duper sweet.  I am  hoping his foster sends me some great pictures of him so we can get him adopted!

I rescued a calico kitten Melville on Saturday morning - she was being chased by several male cats.  She came right up to me when I placed the food down for her to scoop her up.  She was starving.  She has turned out to be sweet sweet sweet too!  She is a doll.  I would have to say she is under a year old, for sure.  She will be vetted hopefully this week!  If anyone would like to sponsor her spay, please let me know.  The number to reach the clinic is 585-288-0600.  I would surely appreciate it.  I am naming her Melody.  :)  Bets are on:  she is either in heat, or pregnant.  I've never had a cat in heat.  She seems to meow and twitch when I rub her back end, and her tail is always up.  She cries a bit too when looking out the window.  Does this sound familiar to anyone who has experienced a cat in heat?

In the meantime, I am placing food and water down in the spot where I rescued her from in hopes I can start to trap some of the unneutered males there.  They must be stopped!

Update on Peppercorn:  Does he look happy being in a home, and off the streets?  What do you say?

Have a great day!

"One day or 
day one, 
you decide."


  1. Peppercorn looks like he's having a blast !
    Hey I have had a calico in heat before.
    When I got my first female from a pet store the vet said to wait till she had her first heat before spaying her.
    God what a pain !
    When she went into heat she made LOTS of noise, crawled around on her belly, and stuck her lady parts in my face every time I touched her.
    Not fun.
    So maybe she is in heat, or just coming off her cycle.
    My experience with female cats is they are pretty "slutty" when they are at the peak of the cycle.
    So keep an eye on her.
    If she is just starting you should see the slutty behavior increasing.

  2. Melody is a beautiful girl! Cats in heat are pretty gross, though. LOL!
    Peppercorn is living the life! And looks well fed, too. :D

  3. Um...let's not put all the blame on the gal kitties!